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Bullying and student violent behavior has remained a headache for many school districts in the U.S. Bullying and violent behaviors may include punching, spreading rumors, teasing people, and harassing them incessantly. The problem of bullying and violent behavior among students tends to linger in many schools even as stakeholders in the education sector struggle to implement measures to curb the situation. Victims of bullying continue to receive threats, are being beaten and traumatized in their daily lives. The most surprising thing is that most victims are always treated as nerds and find it difficult to associate with other people. Bullying and violent behavior among students are mainly caused by family background issues, the urge to revenge past incidences of bullying, and addiction to violent movies. Its effects include poor performance, shyness, and suicide among students. Guiding and counseling programs that teach students about the negative effects of bullying and violent behavior would be instrumental in stopping these issues.
This essay explicates bullying and student violent behaviors, highlighting their causes, effects and proposing possible solutions to this issue.

Causes of Bullying and Violent Behavior
One of the most significant causes of bullying and violent behavior among students is violent family backgrounds. Some students come from families where violence is the order of the day. Research indicates that most children who engage in bullying and violent actions are three times likely to come from families with a history of domestic violence. The trauma emanating from family violence is a key motivating factor that leads to such issues within schools as such students transfer their home troubles to others.
Additionally, bullying and violence in schools is always caused by the urge to revenge the past acts of bullying and violence suffered by students. It is usually associated with students who were once victims of bullying and violence in schools. They usually lack empathy for other students hence bullying them without mercy. The main aim of such students is always to revenge against the past evils that they faced in their lives. It may also be motivated by peers who urge the victim to revenge against others. It is estimated that almost 88% of bullying and violent incidences arise from peer learning among students.

Effects of Bullying and Violent Behavior among Students
Teachers and school districts are facing with the severe effects of bullying and violence on students. Bullying and violence lead to poor academic performance among the victims. Victims are always troubled, terrified and hardly find time to concentrate on their studies. Many students have ended up dropping in terms of academic performance because of the fear and trauma inflicted by other students through bullying and violence.
More so, bullying has led to increased incidences of suicide among students. Victims of bullying and violence have resorted to committing suicide because of the inability to withstand continued torment from their peers. The hurting messages and violent behaviors exhibited by perpetrators of bullying and violent behavior have severe emotional effects on these students hence leading …