Why a 40-year-old quit his job of 18 years to resell items on Amazon

  • “Retail arbitrage,” or the practice of buying items in physical stores and reselling them on Amazon for a premium, has become increasingly popular, especially during the pandemic.
  • One 40-year-old who started arbitraging as a side hustle in July has already brought in over $40,000 in sales on Amazon, according a screenshot of his Amazon seller account viewed by Business Insider.
  • He learned the trade via paid membership to an exclusive group of nearly 500 arbitrageurs on Discord, where members have sold over $400,000 worth of goods since May.
  • This arbitrageur, who asked to remain anonymous for privacy concerns, recently made the decision to resign from his job in insurance after 18 years to pursue reselling full-time.
  • “If you’re going to sell through Amazon, you need to be committed,” the Amazon reseller said. “You need to run it like an actual business.”
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