Nikon Shows off Winners of 47th Small World Photo Contest

Nikon this week announced the results of its 46th Small World Photomicrography contest. Below, you can see the top 20 entries selected by the judges.

“The goal of the Nikon Small World competition has been to share microscopic imagery that visually blends art and science for the general public,” said Eric Flem, communications manager of Nikon Instruments, adding, “As imaging techniques and technologies become more advanced, we are proud to showcase imagery that this blend of research, creativity, imaging technology, and expertise can bring to scientific discovery. This year’s first-place winner (below) is a stunning example.”

Created by Maryland-based Daniel Castranova, with assistance from Bakary Samasa, the winning entry actually comprises 350 individual images stitched together.

Winner: Dorsal view of bones and scales (blue) and lymphatic vessels (orange) in a juvenile zebrafish –Daniel Castranova, Dr. Brant M. Weinstein, Bakary Samasa — National Institutes of Health — Maryland, U.S. —
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