Resilient Wellbeing in a Chaotic Education World

Story Highlights

  • COVID-19, economic turmoil and racial tensions create perfect storm for K-12
  • Leaders can help their teams express confusion, frustration and anxiety
  • Gain resilience and renewed wellbeing by creating coping mechanisms

The current state of education is in a reactionary mode like never before. Only two months ago, 44% of U.S. public school teachers said they did not know what their school’s teaching and learning situation would be this fall.

Despite administrators’ best efforts to overcome the latest roadblocks, there’s a perpetual (albeit understandable) confusion nagging at teachers and staff accountable for student success. This results in growing tension and frustration with their leaders.

What once worked no longer works — the “rulebook” for the game of education has completely changed.

Three colliding pandemics — the COVID-19 crisis, an economic recession and escalating racial tensions — have created a perfect storm for not only the wellbeing

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