Beware Of These Top Five Social Engineering Scams

Perry Carpenter is Chief Evangelist for KnowBe4 Inc., provider of the popular Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing platform.  

While the world grapples with the pandemic, rapid digitization owing to social distancing is deepening cybersecurity vulnerabilities, exacerbating known threat vectors and exposing unforeseen weaknesses. The FBI recently reported a 400% increase in cybercrime complaints. Interpol also claimed a massive spike in cybercrime, citing nearly a million spam messages and malicious URLs related to Covid-19.

Social engineering attacks prey on pandemic woes.

The coronavirus — and our reaction to it — has created the perfect storm for online disruption. Seemingly overnight, millions of us are now working from home, opening businesses to a number of unplanned-for cyber risks. These risks get compounded by the widespread panic, confusion and uncertainty that surround the virus amid worsening economic conditions.

Cybercriminals use this environment to their advantage by reinventing tactics that align

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California Science & Engineering Fair

California Science & Engineering Fair
[CSEF Logo]
[View of the Fair]

The California Science & Engineering Fair is the final science fair of
the academic year for students throughout the State of California in
grades 6 – 12,
serving California’s future
scientists and engineers since 1952.
The fair is hosted by the
California Science Center.

The 69th annual California Science & Engineering Fair
(2020) was canceled.
The 70th annual California Science & Engineering Fair (2021)

will be
held on
April 12-13, 2021.

That’s only
days away!

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Latest News from the Fair:

CSEF 2020 Canceled
We regret to announce that due to the COVID-19 crisis, CSEF 2020 has been canceled. Students who have already paid their Application Fees will have those fees refunded.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019: Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public, is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition. Through a global network of local, regional and national science fairs, top students are selected from millions, all who have demonstrated their knowledge of science and engineering to further their understanding of the world and improve the way we work and live. From May 12 to 17, 2019, more than 1,800 young scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and makers will come to Phoenix to share their projects and compete for approximately $5 million in awards and scholarships.

Intel believes that young people are the key to future innovation. In addition to collaborating with Society for Science & the Public on the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for more than 20 years, a commitment that continues through 2019, Intel has invested millions in education initiatives over the past

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UK College of Education Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education

We strive to engage in scholarship, teaching, and service that is innovative and contributes to improving the quality of P20 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.

We offer an undergraduate degree with a double major in STEM Education and Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Computer Science as well as a stand-alone major in STEM Education. The department also offers a Master of Science degree in STEM Education and a STEM Education track within the Ph.D. Education Sciences Program.



Group photo of STEM department
STEM Research Experience for Undergraduates

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Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science : University of Minnesota

CEMS alumnus Anthony Tabet awarded prestigious P.D. Soros Fellowship

April 14, 2020
– Anthony Tabet (ChE, Chem ’17) has been awarded a prestigious Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, which will provide … read more

Ghosh wins 2020 M&M Student Scholar Award

April 13, 2020
– Supriya Ghosh, a third-year ChE graduate student in the Mkhoyan group, won a 2020 Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) Student Scholar … read more

CEMS students receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) honors

April 9, 2020
– Numerous CEMS students have received awards through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). The program recognizes … read more

CEMS undergraduate Nibir Sarma to appear on Jeopardy! College Championship

April 6, 2020
– Nibir Sarma, a CEMS undergraduate student, watched his first episode of “Jeopardy!” the night before auditioning to be a contestant … read more

Dorfman named Distinguished McKnight University
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College of Engineering | University of Arizona

Improve the Mechanics of Flight

Aerospace Engineering

Airplanes, rockets, satellites and spacecraft: Solve problems in flight and space exploration. Immerse yourself in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, aerodynamics, gas dynamics and control system design. And check out the UA College of Engineering’s supersonic wind tunnel!

UA Aerospace Engineering >

Design Safe, Economic, Sustainable and Resilient Buildings

Architectural Engineering

Consider a path where beauty and functionality meet strength and efficiency. From structural integrity to efficient heating and cooling, become a master at balancing top-down architectural design and component-up engineering design. Be the bridge between architects, engineers and contractors.

UA Architectural Engineering >

Change the Practice of Medicine

Biomedical Engineering

Join the biomedical revolution! This highly interdisciplinary, approved pre med program includes biomaterials, biomechanics, biosensors and microtechnologies. Use your know-how in engineering, medicine and biological sciences to advance telemedicine and improve medical diagnostics, treatment and therapy.

UA Biomedical Engineering >

Make the

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Career Center @ Engineering | UW College of Engineering

Our staff is happy to assist you throughout your entire job search process, from career exploration to resume writing to salary negotiation. Whether you are a first-year engineering student, graduating senior or graduate student, our office can help. It’s never too early (or too late!) to begin your job search.

Walk-in hours & appointments

Walk-in hours (15-minute same-day session, no appointment necessary) are great to get quick feedback on resumes or cover letters, and 30-minute appointments can be scheduled to ask more detailed questions and receive help on multiple topics.

~The CC@E is going VIRTUAL; what does that mean?~

All consultations will be done via Zoom
30-MINUTE APPOINTMENTS available between 9am – 3pm (Mon – Fri) and 4 – 8pm (Tue, Wed); schedule via Handshake

Swanson School of Engineering – University of Pittsburgh

  • Heng Huang Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

  • Douglas J. Weber Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

  • Thanks for Tuning In: Swanson School Students Present Virtual Dissertation Defenses

    Pitt engineering graduate students adapt to current work environments and successfully defend dissertations remotely

  • Pitt Engineering Labs Donate Supplies to Help UPMC Battle COVID-19

  • Ameya Nanivadekar Selected for NIH Outstanding Scholar in Neuroscience Award Program

  • Mimicking Cancer to Avoid Transplant Rejection

    ChemE’s Steven Little and Medicine’s James Fisher develop microparticles that promote immune tolerance to grafts

  • Four Members of the Swanson School are Recognized by the Carnegie Science Awards

  • DARPA Awards $22 Million to Create ‘Smart’ Device

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    Caltech Division of Engineering and Applied Science

    Professor Joseph Falson
    New Superconducting Film Resists a Magnet’s Power to Thwart It


    To Professor Joseph Falson, electrons are like exotic supercars and his lab wants to build the racetrack. In Falson’s analogy, he likens that to driving the supercar down a cobblestone street that limits its speed. “Our job is not to make the supercar, it’s just to make the highway,” he says. The problem for those who seek to study superconductivity and eventually make practical use of it is that, so far, it has been realized only at ultracold temperatures no warmer than -70 degrees Celsius. “There is a very strong push to realize room-temperature superconductivity—it is one of the holy grails of science,” Falson says, “because then you are going to employ these materials in motors or transmission lines, and the loss would be significantly less. It would revolutionize society.” [Caltech story]

    Ytterbium ion in a nanophotonic cavity
    Tiny Optical Cavity Could Make Quantum Networks
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    Computer & Information Science & Engineering

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