An Interplay Of Education And Technology

We have mentioned below some of the key aspects of the policy dealing with technology.

Primary Education

The policy recognises the importance of technology in aiding teachers, bridging the language barrier between teachers and students, creating digital libraries, popularising language learning as well as ensuring greater access to education (specifically for differently-abled children). It is also proposed that coding be introduced in school curriculums as an important skill that students must develop. The policy also notes that technology can be an effective tool in facilitating teacher education and encourages the utilisation of technology platforms for online teacher-training.

Professional and Higher Education

The need to embrace technology in professional education (legal/health) as well as the incorporation of technology to expedite the aim of achieving 100% literacy (by introducing quality technology-based options for adult learning) has also been put forward.

The policy recognises the importance of technology in addressing various societal challenges

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