Trevor Bauer said he hasn’t thought much about free agency, except when he thinks of “little creative ways to troll the fanbases on social media.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

If Trevor Bauer surprised the baseball industry and opted to sign a new contract with the Cincinnati Reds this offseason, the Reds can credit his comfort level during the 2020 season.

Bauer was voted the National League’s Most Outstanding Pitcher in the player choice awards, which was announced Thursday, and when Bauer reflected on the most dominant season in his career, he talked about how much enjoyed the coaching staff and his teammates.

“I had probably more fun this year playing baseball than I’ve had in, shoot, a long time,” Bauer said. “Probably since college, maybe even more fun than college. That’s really the lasting impression. Being happy, enjoying playing baseball with people that I get along with very well and consider