Virginia Tech 40 Boston College 14

It was a tough night in Blacksburg for the Eagles, as Boston College dropped their second game of the season 40-14. 

Here is my instant analysis of the performance by the Boston College defense:

* It is tough to look at the positives in a game like this, because the Virginia Tech offense basically moved the ball at will throughout the game.  The Hokies set a goal for 300 yards a game on the ground, and against BC they had 353.

* Speed is a major issue on this defense. Now Hendon Hooker and Khalil Herbert, and to a lesser extent Rasheem Blackshear are all very fast. Hooker and Herbert clearly are probably the two fastest offensive players BC has played all season. They just seemed to be playing at a different level than the BC defense. When you can rush the ball for 8.5 you are going to cause the defense problems. That is what we saw here. When VT got to the edge, or through the initial front four, it was a problem.

* On top of that the zone read was a major issue for the Eagles. BC didn’t contain on the edge, and that made running this play incredibly simple and efficient. This is something they can clean up. 

* Look, you can say “scheme” was an issue here, but I disagree. Sometimes you face players that are just better than what you have on your team. Against the VT offense I think that was the case. 

* On top of that tackling was sloppy. I think it goes back to speed again, because it seemed like when BC tried to wrap up Hooker/Herbert they were either slightly off balance, or diving at them. 

* There was a decent pass rush when VT actually decided to throw the ball, but again, Hooker was incredibly agile and avoided all but one rush.

* Explosives were a huge problem in this game, but again that is caused by the inability to bring down the ball carrier

* Secondary was fine in pass coverage, they didn’t really have to much as VT was only passing to keep the defense honest. They, like rest of the defense, struggled against the run though. 

* When the game was still in reach, I’m not sure why Ryan Betro was in the game and not Boozie Onwuka. Something I’ll ask Hafley about this week. He had a brutal personal foul call, and lost his cool in a big moment. 

* This defense lives and dies by the turnover, and it was their downfall last night. But it’s kind of hard to punch out fumbles, if you can barely get a ball runner down, and you aren’t getting interceptions if they aren’t throwing the ball. 

* Before this game I talked about how important Max Richardson and Isaiah McDuffie were going to be in this game. While neither had what I would consider good games, they combined for 26 tackles. 

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