How Knowledge in Aerobatics can Be Useful in Any Flight Situation

Any person that has been to an air show and witnessed the dizzying range of aerobatic maneuvers walks out of the experience in one of two ways. Either he or she is impressed by said stunts and wish that they could do it themselves or are horrified by it. However, not many people consider that what might seem like death-defying stunts are highly precise maneuvers that can help pilots regain control of an aircraft in any situation. How is this so?

Whether due to mechanical failure, turbulence or human error, it is not impossible for any aircraft to suddenly slip out of control.  A plane can suddenly dive,  turn or find itself in a dangerous position that requires immediate intervention by the pilot. Under these situations, pilots that possess aerobatic training are better equipped to take action.

Why should all pilots consider aerobatics training?

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Learning How to Deal with Fear

What Matters in Life

This life is hard. Sometimes we are excusing our self in the middle of mind chaos with that statement. In this case, we are in condition that is not filled by positivity. This is all about fear in our life. However, each life has each own story. This is the truth. To against the statement that brings our mind into negative thinking, we can change it. What about “life is hard, but I am harder than life”. It is very useful for motivating the way of facing our problems in life. To deal with our fears, one book can give us such kind of course to fight and deal with fears. This book has its title “This Moment Is Your Miracle” which is a book written by David Hoffmeister in purpose to motivate people and tells the readers that love is all the way out of … Read More