Department of the History of Science, Harvard University


The Department of the History of Science is a lively interdisciplinary community of scholars and students who seek to advance understanding of science, technology, and medicine in their historical and social contexts. 

Our faculty and students come from diverse backgrounds and employ diverse approaches. We examine the past and present workings of science, technology, and medicine, the basis of their authority, the ethical and political dimensions of their regulation and applications, and the relationships among them and larger intellectual, cultural, social, and political trends and changes. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are fundamental to the Department’s mission and identity, not only as moral and social goods, but because they make possible the advancement of knowledge central to our understanding of history and the world about us. 

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Educational Games

Educational Games

We have a variety of educational games including word, puzzle, math, geography, arcade, sports, and typing games. Some are educational games (i.e math, geography, etc.) and some are just for fun (i.e. arcade, sports).

The games above provided by Ducksters are relatively simple games that are generally puzzle or educational games. They can be enjoyed by most students of all ages. We are always looking into adding new games, so check back often. Click on the first link to see a listing of all the games along with a description and screen shot.

Card and Board Games

Have fun with friends and family with Board and Card Games.

Card Games
Go Fish
Crazy Eights
Old Maid

Board and Other Games
Chinese Checkers

Archive of Old Video Games

Here are some of our favorite video games out there in the market today. We

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Center for Urban Education | USC

Racial Equity in Online Environments

Six-Part Webinar Series

Our next webinar features Sharla Berry, Sim Barhoum, and Moderator Eriq Felix. Webinar III – Being Aware of Learning Opportunities and Constraints Posed by Online Teaching and Moving Towards Anti-Racist Practices will address the taken-for-granted practices that shape online learning environments which can be detrimental to the success of racially minoritized students. Please join us on May 7th at 12PM PST! Click here for more information about our partnership with California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office!

Since the new year began, I have been asked one question so often that I decided I would just answer it here. As I have… Read more »

The term “equity” seems to have arrived in full force. I now see it in initiatives, articles, and proposals. I hear it in presentations, reports, and… Read more »

I don’t know why this continues to surprise me. While

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Enroll in Career Training Programs

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California Science & Engineering Fair

California Science & Engineering Fair
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[View of the Fair]

The California Science & Engineering Fair is the final science fair of
the academic year for students throughout the State of California in
grades 6 – 12,
serving California’s future
scientists and engineers since 1952.
The fair is hosted by the
California Science Center.

The 69th annual California Science & Engineering Fair
(2020) was canceled.
The 70th annual California Science & Engineering Fair (2021)

will be
held on
April 12-13, 2021.

That’s only
days away!

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Latest News from the Fair:

CSEF 2020 Canceled
We regret to announce that due to the COVID-19 crisis, CSEF 2020 has been canceled. Students who have already paid their Application Fees will have those fees refunded.

Emory Continuing Education | Emory University

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ECE now offers more courses and certificates online than ever before.

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Career Prospectors – Welcome

Career Prospectors is an organization serving the greater Richmond area, focused on helping people find job opportunities since 2002. Whether relocated, terminated, down sized, or are still working and looking for a new opportunity, all are welcome.

There is no cost at any time to join or attend.

Some of our members have not actively looked for a job in many years, so Career Prospectors presents the latest tactics in searching for and winning a job. At each meeting, we network, discuss what we have done during the past week to further our individual job searches, and offer each other suggestions on how to improve our chances for success.

A critical benefit is the support and encouragement we provide each other throughout the job search. We often have speakers who discuss topics such as how to work with HR people, improving resumes, networking skills, and aimed at winning a new

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Olin College

Olin Community Funds Face Shield Fabrication!

UPDATE: Thanks to our alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends, the Shop’s fundraising goal of $10,000 has been reached and exceeded! Staff have been hard at work fabricating face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical providers. The funds will allow them to make up to 2,000 face masks.

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Alumni Spotlight: Oliners Impacting the World

Olin College alumni are influencing change in the world, impacting it for the better by engaging in creative enterprises for the good of humankind. Read two examples of alumni in the world from our online news channel, The Wire.

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Read Coding for Composers

The path to StaffPad, an advanced music notation app, began 15 years ago at Olin with Matthew Tesch ’07, a devoted member of the Olin Conductorless Orchestra. Read

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Data Science | IBM


Data science is the process of using algorithms, methods, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. It uses analytics and machine learning to help users make predictions, enhance optimization, and improve operations and decision making.

Today’s data science teams are expected to answer many questions. Business demands better prediction and optimization based on real-time insights backed by tools for ModelOps and cloud data science.

The data science lifecycle starts with gathering data from relevant sources, cleaning it and putting it in formats that machines can understand. In the next phase, statistical methods and other algorithms are used to find patterns and trends. Then models are programmed and built to predict and forecast; finally, results are interpreted.

Advances in AI, machine learning and automation have raised the standards of data science tools for business. The result is the formation of data science teams — expert data

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Penn State Students Adjust to New, Remote Reality Penn State Students Adjust to New, Remote Reality
5 days ago – – Morgan Weindel, Centre County Gazette
Like many colleges across the country, Penn State’s spring semester was cut short due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. Following federal guidelines to practice social distancing, all classes were moved to remote learning on March 16. The change has brought mixed emotions from Penn State student [Read More]
May 2020