Sowing Sensitivity: How to Teach Your Child to Be Socially Aware

Parents should do everything they can to raise kids who are self-aware and culturally sensitive. Children are exposed to media with prejudice and misinformation, especially when they’re growing up. Thus, deterring these intolerant concepts starts at home.

Do you know that it takes a village to raise a child? Here’s how parents, with help from communities and institutions outside the home, can help raise an upright child:


Enroll in a good charter school

Plenty of charter schools in Salt Lake City cater to a diverse student population. Thus, a charter school is a great avenue for children to learn about cultural awareness and equal opportunities.

Moreover, through controlled class sizes and tailored curriculums, charter schools give kids the opportunity to practice their independence and sense of accountability, skills they need to develop tolerance and responsibility.


Travel to far places together

Be it to a neighbor state or to a country Read More