Ian Book outduels Phil Jurkovec, Boston College


CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – The pregame story lines for Boston College seemed too good to be true.

The Eagles had a chance to beat Notre Dame a week after the Irish beat a No. 1 team like it famously did back in 1993. With former Notre Dame quarterback Phil Jurkovec leading the Boston College offense, the Eagles had the perfect revenge plot ready too.

But those story lines were indeed too good to be true. That’s because the No. 2 Irish were clearly better than this Boston College team even in a sloppy performance, and Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book was the one writing the story Saturday in an empty Alumni Stadium.

Book accounted for four touchdowns — three passing

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Grand Canyon University Extends Tuition Freeze For 13th Consecutive Year

PHOENIX, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the many things that have changed during Grand Canyon University’s remarkable transformation of the past decade, one thing has not: the cost of tuition.

For the 13th consecutive year, the private Christian university has announced it will be freezing tuition rates on its Phoenix campus. Tuition before institutional scholarships are factored in will remain at $16,500 for the 2021-22 academic year. Because more than 90% of GCU students qualify for institutional scholarships that totaled nearly $160 million in 2020, that brings the average tuition cost in 2020-21 to approximately $8,900, which is comparable to public universities and well below other private schools. That total does not include federal aid such as Pell grants and subsidized student loans or external scholarships that lower students’ out-of-pocket expenses further. In addition to tuition, GCU students pay an average of roughly $900 annually in

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Education groups ‘fully support’ Michigan’s 3-week restrictions on high schools, colleges

Michigan’s education community has voiced its support of a three-week shutdown of in-person learning and other activities for high schools, colleges and universities in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

On Sunday evening, Nov. 15, several groups threw support behind the Department of Health and Human Services’ epidemic order aimed at reducing indoor gatherings.

Among other things, the order suspends all in-person learning for high schools, colleges and universities for three weeks — starting Nov. 18 and continuing until Dec. 8. Decisions for in-person learning at elementary and middle schools are left up to individual districts, though schools will require mask wearing.

“While these new restrictions may be a challenge for many of us, it’s nothing that we haven’t already been able to successfully navigate during 2020,” reads a statement from the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators.

“As an Association, MASA is glad to see the decisive

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Middle Tennessee Catholic schools offer in-person education to all faiths

Rebecca Hammel, Guest columnist
Published 7:01 a.m. CT Nov. 17, 2020


Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Nashville Rebecca Hammel spoke with Tennessean Opinion and Engagement Director David Plazas.

Nashville Tennessean

Catholic education provides a tradition of excellence in education and service, grounded in our faith and its timeless teachings.

Story Highlights

  • Rebecca Hammel is the superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Nashville.

“Catholic schools open for in-person learning.”

Announcing this news just three months ago was an important statement for my office to make and a reflection of the diligent work, planning, and commitment of all of the schools in the Diocese of Nashville. 

In the face of the current pandemic and knowing the advantages that the in-person educational experience provides our students and families, our schools’ leaders adjusted schedules, implemented protocols and communicated regularly with families to inform and educate them. 

The result was a

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Leslie Odom Jr. discusses importance of arts education in schools

Leslie Odom Jr. said having an arts education has helped him become a better person, and that it benefits young people planning on pursuing more than just entertainment-based careers.

“My arts education has made me a more empathetic person and has nurtured my natural curiosity about humanity and the human condition,” Odom said during the virtual Arthur Miller Foundation Honors gala on Monday. “If you know a little something about storytelling — how to reach people, how to connect with people — those things can be useful for the things you’re going to do in this world and be in this world.”

The Arthur Miller Foundation’s annual event took place virtually this year with host Sasha Hutchings. The night honors those involved in providing arts educations to students. Receiving awards for the work in furthering education were high school teacher Lisanne Shaffer and playwright Dominique Morisseau.

Shaffer, who teaches at

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Former Harvard fencing coach, Maryland businessman charged in $1.5m college admissions bribery scheme

In exchange, prosecutors said, Brand, 67, of Cambridge, promised spots on the school’s fencing team, and recruited both of Zhao’s sons, one of which entered Harvard in 2014, the other in 2017.

The federal charges marked the first time Harvard staff has been criminally implicated in the admissions scandal roiling campuses across the country. The alleged Harvard scam played out over several years, involving several men at the top of the rarefied sport, reaching into international fencing tournaments and a well-known training academy, while corrupting Harvard’s process for recruiting elite athletes.

“This case is part of our long-standing effort to expose and deter corruption in college admissions,” US Attorney Andrew E. Lelling said in a statement. “Millions of teenagers strive for college admission every year. We will do our part to make that playing field as level as we possibly can.”

The federal charges follow a series of Boston Globe

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How to Build a Career Path in 3 Steps

In brief
  • Identify your core values.
  • Get advice from the people you admire.
  • Understand your skill set and how to articulate it.

Whether you are looking for a job for the first time or seeking to make a move in the middle of your career, having a plan is the surest way to find fulfillment and happiness in your professional life. It is better to forge a path than let yourself get too comfortable and complacent where you are, according to career coach Tracy Timm and recruitment trends expert Tony Lee. That can be a “recipe for disaster,” says Miss Timm. 

“If you and I want to bake a cake, we wouldn’t just haphazardly throw ingredients into a pan and put it all in the oven,” says Miss Timm. “We would look up a recipe and then we would follow the recipe to a tee to get to the outcome

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The Monday After: Why there won’t be a Cinderella story making it to the College Football Playoff this year

There are no Cinderella stories in college football. While it’s typically a March tradition and one rarely seen in January, nothing seems impossible in this upside down 2020 season. It’s the middle of November, and we currently have undefeated teams like Cincinnati, BYU and Indiana hanging out in the top 10 of both major polls. Should they remain undefeated, all three will likely be found in the top 10 of the first College Football Playoff ranking.

But do they have a real shot at making the College Football Playoff at the end of the season? Well, no, probably not. A lot of people would like to believe it’s a possibility, but I suppose I’m a bit more of a pessimist in the matter. I’m of the opinion that, in a season like 2020 in which any bowl game that is played can choose from any team regardless of their record,

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Outlining BYU Football’s Path to the College Football Playoff

I have been very hesitant to write an article like this. In my heart of hearts, I have felt like the College Football Playoff committee would do everything in their power to keep a team like BYU (who hasn’t played a P5 team) out of the playoff. However, the first College Football Playoff rankings come out next week and BYU is at least in the discussion. According to ESPN’s Allstate Playoff Predictor, BYU has a 25% chance to make the College Football Playoff. With those odds, I decided to outline BYU’s path to the College Football Playoff:

1. Clemson loses one more game OR Notre Dame loses two more games

BYU’s path to the CFP could be blocked right away if a one-loss Clemson team beats an undefeated Notre Dame in the ACC championship game. If Clemson wins the ACC title then they will qualify for the CFP and a

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University to get Apple store run by students

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The University of South Carolina announced on Tuesday that a store selling Apple products is coming to its campus in Columbia in early 2021 — and will be managed largely by students as part of their curriculum.

It will be the second store of its kind in the U.S. that is managed and operated by students, according to a news release.

The store, which will be located in the Byrnes Building at the intersection of Sumter and College streets, will sell a range of Apple products including laptop computers, tablets and accessories.

Faculty from the College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management are leading the project and will help with store management, while students will manage daily operations.

“UofSC’s partnership with Apple is a continuation of our commitment to offering our students the very best experiential learning opportunities,” said Bill Kirkland, executive director of the

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