5 Apps Where You Could Learn Life Changing Skills

There are so many skills that one must possess to be able to tap into the many opportunities that are out there. Recent reviews and feedback on Collected.Reviews reveal that the reasons why a lot of people do not get employed is not because there are no jobs, it’s simply because the job-seekers do not possess some skills that makes them employable.

However, having a skill is not only important in seeking jobs, skills give you an avenue to explore from the variety of options available. It brightens your curiosity and makes you open to a lot of things. With this, there are a plethora of skills you can learn if you decide to and explore the best apps.

Technological advancement has made learning so easy that you do not have to set aside hours to be in a lecture room or with a tutor hovering over you. You can learn a lot in your free time, say at break or when you feel like using mobile apps.

Let’s consider some of the apps that you can learn life-changing skills from.


This app is widely recognized and often used by many people. You have the opportunities to be taught by professionals on any skill of your choice be it dancing, acting, ballet or tennis. It offers you video lessons, workbooks and other learning materials that you can download and watch. This app is free to use once you have downloaded it on your phone using the play store or app store. One challenge with this app is that the classes are not free and are quite expensive.


Just like the name, Headspace gives your head a relaxing period for meditation. It eases your mind and head of stress and agitation. In this app, there are exercises that soothe you and help you in meditating. With continuous usage and follow up with video lessons and exercises, you’ll become a livelier, happier and admirable individual.

3.Virtual Speech

If you want to practice the art of public speaking, this app would help you. There are numerous video lessons uploaded on the platform to help you learn in front of audiences as though they were with you physically. Exercises that help you work on your voice and tone are also one of the opportunities you can tune in to for improvement.

4.Google Primer

Digital marketing is on the go now and the training is usually expensive. But this online Google app helps you understand the basics and complexities of digital marketing, giving you tips and procedures such as email marketing, customer service and finance management. Job seekers and startups can as well learn of how to boost sales through the practical online sessions.


This is a language learning app that allows you to learn any kind of language. With the provided tools, you can improve your vocabulary, and at the end of training, it gives you a proficiency exam to assess your performance.

To survive in this fast-changing world, you should be able to adapt to conditions and opt in for varieties of options to help you become a connoisseur in a particular skill or more. A benefit of these apps is that the use of one app does not restrict the use of the other. This helps you download more than one app and learn two or three skills simultaneously.