5 useful suggestions from experienced teachers every student should follow when UPSC exam is knocking at your door

The Civil Services Examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, is one of most competitive exams held in the country, with only a fraction of the people applying to make the cut and to getthrough. People from all walks of life with a graduation degree are eligible to take the exam, but without a deep-set determination and dedication to the profession, the process may be rendered pointless. For those applying, however, preparing for the UPSC exam can be a long drawn and arduous journey. With the UPSC exam this year knocking at your door, the goal to be achieved is not far away.

In the recent years, however, preparation for the UPSC has become much more convenient. While moderately helpful coaching centers in many cities can be of help to aspiring candidates, it is actually the digital wave of the internet,andit’s vast study resources that have really empowered the interested individuals to really cash in on the benefits of the worldwide web. People in the remotest areas of the country can access updated content and material, provided they have an internet connection to aid them in the process.

While this is of extreme convenience, the whole system has a serious lack of face to face teaching and interaction. The very physicality of attending a class conducted by a teacher has been done away with. While this has encouraged students to function in diverse ways, what has remained a gaping hole is the distinct lack of student-teacher interaction and subsequently, a lack of one-on-one guidance from the teacher to the student that has been a major guiding force for many.

This gap is more obvious with the exams approaching at a breakneck pace and candidates struggling to keep up with the approaching waves.To help tide over it, here is some last minute advice that an experienced teacher might have given you to help you through:

  1. Focus on revision

While there is seemingly no end to the preparation for an exam like the UPSC examination, it is imperative that you focus on revising all that you have already studied, now that the exams are so near. Irrespective of what you have managed to cover and topics you had to leave out, it is essential that the knowledge of the sections in the syllabus that are known to you is thorough. This will ensure that you do not mess up the sections you have studied during the final exam, fetching you marks from parts you can count on.

  1. Physical health

In the flurry of preparation, we often tend to forget about our physical health that is important and needs to be taken care of, so that we can deliver to our best mental capabilities in the examination hall. This neglect is often met by people around us, and the maintenance of your physical health right before the UPSCis something that any good teacher would touch upon in their expert advice. Introducing some form of exercise into the sedentary process of exam preparation is often recommended to promote both physical and mental agility in the day to day life.

  1. Mental health

Mental health is another important aspect that needs due care in the course of preparation. Being prone to nervous breakdowns, anxiety or panic attacks before the exam can undo months of hardwork. It bodes well, then, to devote a certain amount of time to the weekly routine for self-reflection and introspection. Judging by yourself how far you have come can contribute greatly to building your self-confidence, which can be a good way of grounding yourself in the wake of nervousness and anxiety.

  1. Get ample sleep

A healthy sleep cycle with ample rest is essential for any individual. Not just on the eve of the examination, but cultivating a sustained sleep cycle over the course of the exam preparation can be of extreme help for it enhances the ability to intake, process and analyze information. This is key to the preparation and goes a long way to maintain good physical and mental health.

  1. Keep Calm

Though easier said than done, keeping calm for the whole tenure before and during the exam is necessary. A sudden panic attack can debunk months of effort that you have put in. Have faith in your preparation and deliver the best you can on the day of the examination.

Keeping these tips in mind can go a long way towardpreparing you for the upcoming exam and getting you in the right headspace, to ensure performance to the best of your capacity.