Advantages and disadvantages of Education

Education is the process of learning or understanding the technical things around us. It is what that differentiates us from other living things. There is no limit for education. So, like said knowledge is power which is obtained from education.

Advantages disadvantages of education

What are the Advantages of Education?

The economic development of a country is raised through human capital which is only possible through education. Education makes a person well-standardized and makes him well secured in life. Thus, all people in a country can raise the economic status only if they are well educated. Through education, more talented human resources are obtained with higher efficiency. Education should be started from smaller age slowly, to make the children understand in depth.

This the main advantage of education. Each person has their unique thoughts. When they get educated, their thought is expanded to greater perspective and it leads to invention of unbelievable things. Also, the difference between good and bad activities can be set apart by easily. This helps the country free from all violence activities.

Education is not about learning one thing entirely. But has various branches that can be chosen according to our interests. This helps a person to excel in his field of interest. Also the non-academic like music and art etc. is important. Education helps the people to gain more confidence and helps interaction among others easily.

The jobs are allocated for the people according to the knowledge they posses. Education ensures us with a secured and a stable life. The basic necessity for a human being can be fulfilled by the education.

Education clears out the thought of inequality. It makes the people to be friendly to others. Uneducated people see differences in family background, religion etc. but it doesn’t matter when we are in the same place of others and having same goals in life. Majority of the country is increased to greater extend.

What are the Disadvantages of Education?

Education makes one of the way for discrimination. The people who has more degree or experience have thoughts that they are ahead of everyone. And also the marks or grade system will create difference from smaller age in the children. So, education should be thought as the subject matter not as a competition.

  • Restriction of personal thoughts:

Education makes people some facts to be blindly accept, that makes people restrict their own ideas in the process of learning. Education should make us think bigger and smarter but a bad education might fail to do so.

But as we can clearly see that education has only few disadvantages which can also be overcome at one stage. People should start taking education process seriously and make themselves well possessed with knowledge.

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