American River College

“There is no excuse as to why you cannot demonstrate and produce excellence”

Joaquin Holland
Student / Psychology / Umoja Sahku / American River College

My major at ARC is Psychology. My educational goal is to obtain an A.A. in Psychology here at ARC, transfer to obtain a B.A., then continue to receive a Masters degree, and become licensed as a therapist/counselor. My career goal is to become a counselor or a therapist.

I get a kick out of helping people, so I’m extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work here. I like to be the person who students can rely on to receive accurate information about the resources we have here at ARC. I understand the frustrations some people experience of not quite understanding how to navigate campus or the website, so being a student employee gives me the ability to help from an active student point of view. 

Umoja Sahku has shown me so many things I was convinced were impossible. It is by far the best community I’ve ever been involved in. They make sure you have no excuses as to why you cannot demonstrate and produce excellence. Aside from school I like to play soccer, work on motorcycles, and dance with friends and family – Salsa, Rumba, Timba, and Changui are just a few I was taught growing up. However my most favored hobby is playing Xbox live. GT: Rocket 1100 

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