Boston College vs. Syracuse: Final Thoughts & Predictions

Boston College heads west to face off with the Syracuse Orange on Saturday, a 2pm start. It has been the tale of two programs heading in seemingly opposite directions. Boston College (4-3) has been the upstart program, with a fresh head coach and quarterback who has battled every week. Syracuse (1-6) has been decimated by opt outs and injuries, playing 5th and 6th string players in some cases. But this is a rivalry game, and Eagles fans know, anything can happen.


When Boston College Runs the Ball: Edge Boston College. Yes, Boston College has struggled at times to run the ball, but Syracuse’s run defense is one of the worst in the country. The Orange have given up up 228 yards a game. This game could turn into another GT matchup, where BC pounds them in the trenches. 

When Boston College Throws the Ball: Edge Boston College. Phil Jurkovec is one of the top quarterbacks in the ACC throwing for 1875 yards 14 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Syracuse going into this season was built to stop the pass, but have lost defensive backs Andre Cisco and Trill Williams, both NFL caliber defenders. BC should be able to move the ball.

When Syracuse Runs the Ball: Edge Boston College. This has been a position that has been gutted with injury and opt outs. The Orange are down to their fifth and sixth running back, and their offensive line has been very porous this year. BC is improving against the run, and this should be a great opportunity to exert their will. 

When Syracuse Throws the Ball: Edge Boston College. No Tommy DeVito. Every person I have talked to says that it looks like Rex Culpepper will be getting the start on Saturday. Great story, a kid who came back from cancer, but he is throwing around 43% on the year and has more INTs than touchdowns. 

Beer of the Game:


Saranac: Pale Ale. There are so many great breweries in New York, it was hard to pick. I have a soft spot though for Saranac, based out of Utica. Basically every beer they have created is solid, and their pale ale is one of my favorites. 

Song of the Game:

Robert Randolph & The Family Band: Picked this because I saw RR for the first time while at BC, and they blew my mind. He is a magician with the slide guitar, and an absolute must see live. Also picked this song because it’s Hulk Hogan’s theme song and I can see BC strutting into Syracuse with a little swagger on Saturday like the Hulkster.

Fan Excitement: 5/10

Most Boston College fans are pretty confident that this is going to be a relatively easy win for the Eagles. But the excitement has died down a little, mostly due to the fact that BC is in the midst of a Clemson/Notre Dame sandwich on their schedule. Have to say there is still a little nervousness from the fan base as well, they have seen Syracuse ruin plenty of seasons before. 

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AJ’s Prediction: There is this nagging part of my brain that says this is BC/Syracuse, anything can happen. But then I look at the stats, and I look at the roster for SU and that thought vanishes. Boston College has the edge in almost every category for tomorrow’s game. As long as the Eagles don’t crush themselves with turnovers and penalties, I think they make quick work of the Orange. Jeff Hafley has shown he takes every opponent a game at a time and will resist the urge to look ahead and will have his team ready. Boston College 38 Syracuse 13

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