Career and Occupations Guide: Complete List of Careers

Finding the right career and making an informed career decision requires relevant and reliable information about the opportunities exist in a particular field.
Many aspiring professionals are quick to select a career path only to find out down the road that the career path they have chosen doesn’t enable them to achieve their personal, professional, or financial goals.

Below you’ll find accurate, up-to-date, and highly relevant career information, including detailed job descriptions, training and education requirements, work activites and environment, earning potential and personal qualifications.


Business & Finance
Careers in business and finance are some of the highest paying of all careers.


Contruction Trades
Explore careers in construction, construction trades and architecture.


Health & Medical
Explore careers in one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.


Careers in management will position you for limitly career advancement opportunity.


Military & Armed Forces
The U.S. armed forces offers career opportunities in just about every field imaginable, including electronics engineering, medicine, computer technology, management and much more.


Professional & Service
There are limitless career opportunities in the professional services sector.


Sales & Marketing
Sales and marketing careers offer limitless earning and career advancement potential.


Social & Life Sciences
Social science careers are on the rise and predicted to grow for the next decade.


Transportation & Moving
Launch a career in the stable and growing field of transportation and moving.

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