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Best Match to Careers and Education Choices

Best Match to Careers and Education ChoicesCareer assessment and discovery to empower you

Career Key Discovery

Unlock your futureCareer assessment and discovery to empower you

with the most respected, science-based theory in the field

We strive to be the #1 source for expert, professional help in making career and educational choices. Our website gives you expert help with career choices – career changes, career planning, job skills, and choosing a college major or educational program. Based on the best science and practices of career counseling… and the most complete and accurate information available.

Proven by Science, Verified by You

When you’re ready to take steps toward greater career well-being, Career Key’s scientifically valid career assessment shows you the best match to careers and education choices.

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Personality and Values

Craft your path to career well-being using personality and values based on Holland’s Theory of Career and Education Choice.

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Confident Decision Making

Browse our free library for tips to make career and education decisions with greater confidence.

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Career Key Discovery ® for Groups

Create success for your group with Career Key Discovery and our new group action portal!

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