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7 Ladies Only Resources for Growing Your Career

Because we’re all about helping each other help ourselves.

Our New Dream Job? Vice President of Social Consciousness & Innovation

“The truth is, having a more responsible supply chain or more responsible business is made up of lots of small actions. And one thing that I really love about my work is that nothing is black and white. It’s all gray space.”

Cut It Out—How to Stop Using Weak Language at Work

There is no place for ‘sorry’ or ‘just’ in the modern workplace. Learn how to use more powerful language at work—to get your message across with no apologies.

Unretouched—How Heather Caye Brown Disrupted the Swimwear Industry from Iowa

Heather Caye Brown always knew she wanted to be a designer. When she found out she wanted to spend the remainder of her life in a bikini, her career as a swimwear designer took off. Here’s how she founded NIGHT DIVE from her home in Iowa.

“What Did You Make At Your Last Job?” —Why This Question is Illegal

Here are some interview questions that are illegal—and what to do if you’re asked them at your next interview.

How to Take Risks, Make a Switch, and Find a Career You Love—From a Woman Who’s Done It 4 Times

Making your wildest dreams come true starts with understanding yourself—and Ahyiana Angel can help.

How to Apply For Unemployment

A step-by-step guide for how to apply for unemployment including the rules for every individual state.

We’re Not Just a Job Site—We’re More

“I’ve become thoroughly addicted to the newsletter and online resources!”

“I read about a career in events at BuzzFeed on Career Contessa and I put it on my job search radar. A few months later I applied and got the job at BuzzFeed. I owe a lot of that to Career Contessa.”

“(Career Contessa) is like having a super successful, friend-girl giving me advice while we sit on my bed eating wings and drinking Jack & Ginger ale.”

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