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In light of the fluid COVID-19 (coronavirus) response situation, the following recommendations are detailed for supervisors of student employees and student employees themselves. We recommend checking the NAU Coronavirus and the Human Resources guidelines websites for additional information and support regarding NAU’s response to the pandemic.

Working On-Campus

  • Each department should work with its student workforce to make sure that the department can still perform its essential services.
  • Student employees are allowed to return to campus and work in-person/on-campus at the discretion of each department.
    • Student employees are still held to the 29-hr Work Rule (meaning that they cannot work more than an average of 29 hours per week over the period of one calendar year).
    • More information about guidelines, best practices, and answers to other frequently asked questions can be found online in our Student Employment Handbook.
  • If student employees decide not to return to campus, at the discretion of each department, they may be allowed to work remotely if: a) their tasks and projects are suitable for remote work and b) if work is available.
    • Student employees should clock in when they begin working and clock out when they stop, including any breaks that last longer than a few minutes.
    • Suggested remote work could include required and recommended online trainings found on the Student Employee Onboarding, Training, & Professional Development website, such as Harassment & Discrimination Prevention, Accommodating Disabilities, Information Security Essentials, FERPA, CERT: Conduct, Ethics, Reporting and Transparency Disclosure, Loss Prevention Training,, Kognito, and more.
  • If a student employee has any concerns about being in-person/on-campus for health reasons, please have them contact their healthcare provider.
  • A student’s employment status should not be affected if they chose not to work during this time.

Finding Work Off-Campus

Known employers who will remain open during the closure are grocery stores, pharmacies, and product distribution centers (like Amazon). Online job postings have also rapidly increased for workers with skills in health care, community response, crisis management, and cleaning. If students ask about opportunities, we advise referring them to these establishments. Check out this list  of Arizona companies who are hiring now.

What Else To Do During The COVID-19 Situation

We encourage student employees to take advantage of this time and build themselves professionally! We recommend considering the following:

  • Strengthen your resume by seeking out remote professional development opportunities.
  • Update your resume, cover letter, and Handshake profile.
    • You can still make appointments with our Career Development team! We will continue to offer career advising appointments via phone, email, and Skype/Zoom.
    • When students schedule an appointment in Handshake, they should look for the phone number, email address, or URL to meet with their career advisor.
  • Prepare for virtual and video interviews.
    • Many hiring processes have moved into the digital sphere, so take a moment to familiarize yourself with online interviewing best practices.
    • Some tips include:
      • Make sure to prepare a quiet and neutral space with good lighting
      • Have your notes in front of you
      • Practice talking to the camera, and
      • Ask specific questions about hiring timelines
    • Use this time to invest in expanding your professional network.

Additional guidelines for supervisors and employees can be found on the Human Resources website. Please let us know if you have any questions, clarifications, or concerns via email: [email protected]

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