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About the Career Test

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The Career Tests

This free career test is free for anyone – students and adults. School districts use the test for middle and high school students. Colleges use these career tests as well to help potential students with their career exploration before choosing a degree. Workforce centers also find it useful when working with adults who are considering a career change.

Career Tests for Adults and Students

Adults find YourFreeCareerTest just as useful as students. Students in middle school, high school, or college find their results useful before speaking to their guidance counselor or academic advisors at colleges. Adults can benefit from taking these career tests if considering a career change, speaking to someone at a workforce center, or an academic advisor at a college. It’s also highly encouraged that career test takers continue their career research.

Free Career Test Results

There are additional free career tests on YourFreeCareerTest. The additional career tests are industry specific to help you narrow down your career interests even further. After taking the general career test on this page, you can visit other free career tests to gain even more insight. The career tests on this site require no registration or payment of any kind as it is student-friendly. Whether you are a student or adult, you do not need to create a username or password, and do not have to provide an email address to take this test and receive your career results.

Print, Email, or Share the Career Test Results

You can also print your career test results, share them on social media, or email a link of your results to others. Students may email their results to their teachers, guidance counselors, academic advisors, parents, and/or friends. Adults can share the results as well. This is free and the email addresses you send your results to are not stored in any way on our servers.

Privacy does not store addresses or names used to email the test results. This is important to note because if you are an adult or student and loose your test results, there is no way for YourFreeCareerTest to retrieve them as we have no identifiable information attached to any one person’s results. The test is short though, so anyone can take the test again. You are offered options to be matched with an educational program. You can request information from these educational programs and that does require your information so educational materials can be sent to you. This is not a requirement to take a free career test or to access your results.

Career Research

Online career tests (whether free career assessment tests or paid career tests) are useful to help you discover your career interests. However, continued research is important. You can continue career research on YourFreeCareerTest after taking our tests. There are additional tools as well. Career information about the U.S. market can also be found in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook (link opens in a new window).

Careers and Education

There is statistical data that show the more educated you are the higher your salary becomes. After taking this test do your research and look at a career’s educational requirement, salary, and growth rate. Adults with a higher education (past a high school diploma or equivalent) are more likely to be employed in careers that pay well. They are also more likely to hold professional jobs and jobs in management than adults with less education. The higher the education, the low the unemployment rate as well. However, there are also trade careers that also pay well with a high growth rate. Also, apprenticeship programs are also available that can help you gain a fulfilling career.

Career Resources Teachers

You can print free Career Exploration booklets on your printer or order them from a printing company. These booklet directions provide the link to download the pdf to print yourself along with directions on how to order from the print company we use that often provides 40% discounts on booklets.


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