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General Chemistry is a first year high school chemistry course. It is generally required before taking an AP science course.

Resources for Chemistry

Chemistry resources include a current Chemistry Course Calendar, chapter notes, worksheets, review sheets, and labs for Chemistry. I have posted web versions of my PowerPoint presentations, which can be viewed as Flash movies within your browser or downloaded for offline viewing in the new .ppsx format. I also have my own Interactive Practice Activities. Reviews and links to some of my favorite chemistry related freeware can be found on the Chemistry Freeware page. You can select and print a periodic table on the Printable Periodic Tables page. Several years ago I produced some Problem Solving Videos for common problem types in this course. I have a collection of Programs for the TI-83plus graphing calculator, most of which I have written myself, for solving various types of Chemistry problems. These also work on the TI-84 and TI-84plus.

Recommendations for Students and Parents

Chemistry can be a very challenging class for some of students. Many instructors provide a lot of support for the students taking the class, and it is in the best interest of the parents and students to be aware of these support tools and to take advantage of them.

  • Find out how your teacher posts assignments and upcoming tests. A lot of teachers post an in-class calendar, but you may also have access to a Google Calendar or assignments in Google Classroom.

  • Make use of Office Hours. Find out when your teacher is available to provide help and take advantage of that time. Very often students need help with the mathematics skills necessary to be successful. Your instuctor can help you with the math as well as the “facts” of chemisty. Many times, parents look into hiring a private tutor before they have even taken advantage of the FREE help from the person who teaches the class (and writes the quizzes and tests!). Remember that it is always easier to keep up than to get caught up.

  • Keep track of your grades! Students and parents in Visalia Unified can access grades using the school’s Online Grades. You will need a user ID and a password that is provided by the school. I cannot provide these to you.

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