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  • Selected as the Academic College of the Year!

    Over the summer there were many welcome
    and greet meetings for our entering freshmen. All of the colleges participated, but we were selected
    as the college that was always prepared, on time, and offered the best comprehensive and
    informative program. Thank you Dr. Margo Trevino-Torres, Dr. Henrietta Pichon, Deb Morton, and
    April Collins as well as the popcorn poppers, Christina Diaz, and Sarah Molina for a job well done!

  • New Scholarships Available:

    The Grow Your Own Teacher and Teacher Preparation Affordability
    scholarships support aspiring teachers, whether you are enrolled in a teacher preparation program,
    working as an educational assistant, or recently have been inspired to teach after a career outside
    the education field. Both scholarships provide up to $6,000 per year for up to 5 years for individuals
    who meet certain criteria. Scholarship monies may be used to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies
    and other costs. The Grow Your Own Teacher Scholarship provides monies for individuals who are
    U.S. citizens and residents of New Mexico; have been accepted into NMSU’s teacher preparation
    program; have not earned appropriate educational credentials to be licensed as a teacher by the
    Public Education Department; have demonstrated financial need as verified by the financial aid
    officer through the student’s FAFSA.; and are in good employment standing with the New Mexico
    public schools. Also, the Teacher Preparation Affordability Scholarship provides monies for
    individuals who are residents of New Mexico; are enrolled at least half-time in NMSU’s teacher
    preparation program; are pursuing a teaching degree at any time later than 120 days following high
    school graduation or the award of a high school equivalency credential recognized by the State of
    New Mexico; have not yet earned educational credentials to be licensed as a teacher; and
    demonstrate financial need. These scholarships make becoming a teacher a reality for New Mexico
    residents with little to no extraneous cost. It is the state’s investment in creating high quality
    educators for its citizens, and we are fortunate to have this opportunity.
    The New Mexico Legislature has recognized the need for more teachers and has generously
    allocated millions of dollars to all New Mexico 4 year institutions and 2 year institutions.

  • New Master’s Program for our College:

    Mathematically and Scientifically Connected
    Communities has partnered with the New Mexico Legislature and the New Mexico Public Education
    Department to pilot a two-year Master’s program for currently licensed elementary teachers to
    become mathematics and science specialists across K–6. The program of study integrates and
    focuses on mathematical, scientific, and instructional competencies which are organized according
    to content knowledge for teaching and understanding elementary mathematics and science,
    pedagogical knowledge for teaching student’s mathematics and science, and leadership skills and
    knowledge. Currently, 29 licensed teachers and instructional coaches from all over the state of
    Good News from the D ean’s Office
    BE BOLD. Shape the Future. | COLLEGE OF EDUCATION September 2019
    New Mexico have been admitted into the program and have started the first two courses of the program this Fall semester, 2019. A Master of Arts in Education, concentration in Elementary Mathematics and Science, is in the process of being established in the catalog system at NMSU.

  • Early Childhood Education Research Institute:

    We have the contract signed ($600,000) with a wonderful donor who has a love for early childhood education. Facilities has completed the estimate and construction will start soon on the ground floor of O’Donnell Hall. This Research Institute will take part of the STEM Outreach facilities on that floor. This Institute will elevate research and creativity, support and expand graduate programs and amplify our outreach to state, national and global communities.

  • Challenge Coin Ceremony (C3):

    The College of Education held its inaugural Challenge Coin Welcome Ceremony for our new freshmen. The objective of this ceremony was not only to welcome our new students but to challenge them to return the second year to receive a second coin, the third year for the third coin; and of course, most importantly to graduate to receive the fourth coin. We wanted to make an impression on the importance of this educational adventure that they are beginning. We had about thirty faculty in attendance and most of them in their regalia which really made a big impression on the forty four students who attended.
    The students had the opportunity to meet deans, department heads, directors, faculty and staff. The students were impressed and enjoyed themselves. We’re looking forward to our new tradition growing in attendance.

  • SMART Classroom:

    We have one in O’Donnell Hall! Room 130 now has some new equipment and received a minor remodel…four monitors, connected to laptops, and are mounted to adjustable TV stand wheeled-mounts. New multi-color chairs now frame the classrooms tables, and there are additional marker-board panels throughout the room.








  • Example of a Busy Saturday in O’Donnell Hall:

    I am continually amazed with the dedication of so many members of our College of Education team! Below is an example of what was happening on Saturday, August 24th in O’Donnell Hall:
    Dr. Anita Hernandez’s Class: She had a group of pre-service and in-service teachers discussing topics that reflect the purpose of her grant.
    Dr. Azadeh Osanloo’s Class: She had a classroom filled with doctoral students discussing next steps.
    Dr. Wendy Tomlinson’s Class and Dr. Chris Milyard: They conducted the face-to-face internship course for aspiring principals who are participants in our PK-12 Administration & Licensure Program.
    STEM Outreach Professional Development Day: From 8:15 – 3:00pm, 308 teachers were engaged in professional learning sessions addressing programming and logistical information necessary for successful implementation of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers at partner schools.
    Morning Sessions: Participants engaged in an overview of the STEM Outreach Center to build awareness of what the center has to offer, such as fieldtrips, visits to Tech Lab, materials for checkout and professional learning opportunities.
    Afternoon Sessions: Professional learning allowed practitioners an opportunity for a refresher or introduction to the curriculum they will teach this semester, including DiMA, SEMAA, Readers Theatre, Math Fluency, Grow, and Electives. New lessons and new technology were introduced. An observation protocol aligned with instructional strategies was shared and discussed. Instructional Assists also engaged in dialogue regarding their areas of support.
    Resources Purchased for Teachers: Over 260 resources kits were assembled prior to this session, including lesson plans, materials, and supplies necessary for the implementation of all 21st CCLC STEM-based activities in after school programs.
    Naming of the Southwest Autism Center: We have a donor who will be contributing to the Autism Center and will give our Center a name in honor of
    her daughter.
    Donors for Furniture for the newly remodeled Mental Health Clinic and the future Autism Center: Abel Covarrubias (our 2019 distinguished Alum) and Wanda Bowman (Owner of Ashley Furniture) has teamed together to provide $3,000 for the reception areas in both new areas.

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