College of Media & Communication | CoMC

The College of Media & Communication is more than just an institution. I am constantly
amazed by the faculty and staff, and their mission to create outstanding students
and professionals. I am so proud to be involved in an environment that truly feels
like family.

Curry Wilson
Albany, Texas
Public Relations

The College of Media & Communication incorporates a wide array of topics into the
curriculum that are pertinent to everybody no matter their status in life. Our college
analyzes topics that are both new and old creating a versatile prospective for our
graduating students. Being involved with the Dean’s Ambassadors creates opportunities
and relationships that will propel future careers.

Collin Edwards
Round Rock, Texas

The College of Media & Communication is like no other college on campus. It’s more
than a community, it’s a family and I can’t wait to see where my CoMC family takes

Michael Gray
Roscoe, Illinois

Being from a small town, I was nervous about how I would mesh at a big university.
I learned quickly I was in the best place possible for me at CoMC. The college itself
is like a tight-knit community and feels like a home away from home. Most staff members
have worked in their designated industries and give a real-life insight that has made
my learning experience the best. I know my degree from CoMC will take me anywhere
I dream!

Nydia Natividad
Pecos, Texas

The College of Media & Communication has shown me that it is possible to love your
school and major. There are so many wonderful opportunities at the reach of your hands
that this college can provide for you. From the professors to the staff, everyone
is there to make sure you reach those goals that you have set for yourself.

Olu Okororie
Dallas, Texas
Media Strategies

The College of Media & Communication has truly fueled my desire to learn. The classes
are applicable to the real world and to the future careers we may choose. The professors
have a true passion for teaching and have brought to light the many opportunities
and doors our degrees can open for us.

Taylor Stewart
Ramona, California
Communication Studies

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