Earth Science

Earth Records

Where is the deepest place in the ocean and how deep is it? What is the biggest mountain and where is it located? How was the deepest cave in the United States formed? Find the answers to all these questions and more by looking up world records in earth science.

Plate Tectonics
It began as the controversial theory of continental drift – the idea that the continents we know on earth today were not always in the positions they are in now. In the last century, scientists have been able to probe the earth as never before, revealing surprising evidence that has led wide support to what is now generally known as Plate Tectonics.


What is a plinian eruption, a pyroclastic flow, or a stratovolcano? What was the biggest volcanic eruption on earth, ever? Do scientists know how to predict when a volcano will erupt? Find out all these answers by exploring all about volcanoes here.

All about Gemstones

By far, the stones most highly prized by cultures around the world are those we classify as gemstones. Unmatched beauty, purity, rarity, and endurance are the qualities of the most highly prized gemstones. Join us as we profile the rarest and most precious of gemstones and explore the geologic processes that forge them.

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