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Youth in the Education Sustainable Development Goal

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Education Indicators in Focus

The output of educational institutions and the impact of learning7 chapters available

To what level have adults studied?
Transition from education to work: Where are today’s youth?
How does educational attainment affect participation in the labour market?
What are the earnings advantages from education?
What are the financial incentives to invest in education?
How are social outcomes related to education?
To what extent do adults participate equally in education and learning?

Access to education, participation and progress7 chapters available

Who participates in education?
How do early childhood education systems differ around the world?
Who is expected to graduate from upper secondary education?
Who is expected to enter tertiary education?
How many students complete tertiary education?
What is the profile of internationally mobile students?
What are the characteristics and outcomes of doctoral graduates?

Financial resources invested in education7 chapters available

How much is spent per student on educational institutions?
What proportion of national wealth is spent on educational institutions?
How much public and private investment in educational institutions is there?
What is the total public spending on education?
How much do tertiary students pay and what public support do they receive?
On what resources and services is education funding spent?
Which factors influence teachers’ salary cost?

Teachers, the learning environment and the organisation of schools6 chapters available

How much time do students spend in the classroom?
What is the student-teacher ratio and how big are classes?
How much are teachers and school heads paid?
How much time do teachers spend teaching?
Who are the teachers?
What are the admission systems for tertiary education?

Country notes47 chapters available

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