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  • COVID-19 Updates

    COVID-19 Updates

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  • Western News: CSA grant backs Western Space rover tech

    Western will play a key role in humanity’s return to the Moon, thanks to a major investment by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in a university-led advancement that could represent a flagship Canadian contribution to international missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Western’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration (Western Space) receives $690,123 from the CSA to develop an integrated vision system used for identification of the geology of the lunar surface and for rover navigation.

  • Western News: Care Zone program signals help for Science students

    Science students are closer than ever to wellness supports – be it advice in the moment or a bridge to wider university services – all thanks to the faculty’s new approach based on a not-so-new idea. Inspired by the Block Parent program pioneered in London in the 1960s, the Care Zone program relies on a similar network of trained faculty and staff with easily recognizable signage on their doors, providing support to students in need.

  • Western News: Event encourages final frontier as first choice

    It’s a good thing to have your head in the clouds – and perhaps even further at times. On Feb. 11, Western will host Girls and Women in Space, an event focused on inspiring women and girls about their potential success in the sciences. “We want to bring together these strong women to share what inspired them in their careers, what’s brought them where they are now and even where they want their career to go next,” said Parshati Patel, Educational Outreach and Communications Specialist with Western Space.

  • Western News: International study investigates near death experiences using data from text mining

    A new study using text mining and artificial intelligence from Western University and the University of Liège (Belgium) provides quantitative scientific proof that most people respond positively to near-death experiences (NDEs). This innovative data strategy provides an objective, unbiased approach to understanding human consciousness following these life-altering encounters that are predominantly studied elsewhere as subjective, individual phenomenon.

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