Fifteen Swansea University students suspended for ‘serious breaches’ of Covid regulations | Wales

Fifteen students have been suspended from Swansea University for “serious breaches” of Covid-19 regulations.

The university said security teams had to intervene “a number of times” at the Singleton campus over the weekend.

They said more suspensions could follow as the investigation continues.

Swansea University’s Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Rhodes said: “While the vast majority of Swansea students are following Government guidelines and social distancing measures, there are, regrettably, those in the minority who still need to be reminded that we are in the midst of a national fire-break lockdown, and a public health emergency.

“It is very disappointing that some students have behaved in this anti-social manner and I apologise to the community for any difficulty this has caused.

“I hope that this disciplinary action will send a strong message to our student community of the need to adhere to Covid regulations at all times, and the consequences of not doing so.”

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council, said: “We want everyone to act responsibly and do the right thing in the coming days, weeks and months.

 “We can all make the right choices to reduce the spread of Covid and to help protect our family, friends and communities.

 “But the council will also work with the police to take action against those who deliberately flout the restrictions and put other people at risk.”

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