Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition: Release date, UK & US prices & how new game is different

Football Manager returns to Xbox this year for the first time in over a decade and the game promises to entice lovers of the popular franchise on the platform.

The 2021 edition of the management simulation game marks Sports Interactive’s first time on the popular console since Football Manager 2008, which was available to play on Xbox 360.

Below is all you need to know about Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, including when it is out, how much it will cost and more.

When is Football Manager 2021 released on Xbox?

Football Manager 2021 was released on Xbox on December 1, 2020, so it is available to buy right now.

The launch date for FM 21 Xbox edition came a week after the game was released on PC and Mac (November 24).

Which Xbox consoles can Football Manager 2021 be played on?

The Xbox Edition of Football Manager 2021 is playable on Xbox One, Xbox One X/S and the next-generation consoles Xbox Series X and Series S. It is also playable on Windows 10.

Is Football Manager on PlayStation?

No, the game is only on Xbox for console players.

How much does Football Manager 2021 Xbox cost?

Edition UK price US price
Football Manager 2021 £35.99 $49.99
Football Manager 2021 Xbox £29.99 $39.99
Football Manager 2021 Touch £21.99 $29.99

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition costs £29.99 in the United Kingdom.

In the United States, Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is priced at $39.99.

That means it is slightly cheaper than the PC/Mac version of the game, which costs £35.99 in the UK and $49.99 in the US.

You can buy the game from Microsoft’s online store here if you are in the UK and here if you are in the US.

How is Football Manager 2021 different on Xbox?

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is optimised for play on Xbox consoles and that means, while the game is broadly the same as the PC/Mac version, there are a number of differences.

It is modelled on Football Manager Touch, which is a streamlined and simplified version of the game designed mainly for mobile devices such as tablets. 

Since it is a streamlined version of the game, it is, by definition, not as comprehensive. For example, depending on the console you play the game on, the number of countries you can load varies.

On Xbox One, you can select up to five nations in each save. On Xbox Series X/S you can select up to 10 nations.

Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition is designed specifically for Xbox consoles, so the User Interface (UI) is naturally different, but made to work perfectly with Xbox controllers in order to ensure the best experience.

Graphics on the next-generation consoles Xbox Series X/S will be somewhat better than those on PC/Mac.

You can still play the game online, either through Online Career Mode, Fantasy Draft or Versus Mode – which allows you to challenge your mates in a one-on-one game. Cross-play is supported.

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