Former Monsta X Member Wonho Launches Solo Career Following Outpouring of Fan Support

Last year, Wonho parted ways with Monsta X amid a tumultuous state of affairs and accusations against him. But this week fans of the K-pop star can rest assured as the artist has announced he will continue his career.

Cleared of all charges last month, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter signed with Highline Entertainment on April 10. Wonho signed with Highline both as a solo artist and a producer.

“I am deeply reflecting on my foolish and thoughtless behavior from my past,” Wonho said in a statement. “I am very thankful to the fans who have given me this opportunity, and I will do my best to repay the support you have given me.”

Following a series of accusations about actions by Wonho prior to his career as a K-pop star, fans of Monsta X, known collectively as Monbebe, protested widely in support of the star. Monbebe spent months showing continued support to the artist and called for his his return to public life after he initially withdrew from both Monsta X and his career last year. As he received an outpouring of support, Wonho was later cleared of all investigations regarding allegations of drug usage, and former company Starship Entertainment announced it would continue to help support Wonho; Highline is a subsidiary associated with Starship.

“We will provide our full support to Wonho to newly restart his career as a solo artist,” said Highline.

Wonho opened up new social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram to launch his career. It is as of yet unknown when he will release his first new music as a solo artist.

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