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You can search our health careers database two ways:

  • By career name along with filters for minimum salary and maximum education commitment; OR
  • Using only the filters to set your minimum salary and maximum education commitment to see a broader set of careers.

Results will display below. Simply click on an image for details about a health career that meets your criteria. By default, our filters are set to zero.

Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Practitioner
Salary: $52,000

Allied Dental Educator
Salary: $40k – 80k

Allopathic Physician (M.D.)
Salary: $197k – 747k

Anesthesiologist Assistant
Salary: $95k – 180k

Animal Behaviorist
Salary: $25k – 90k

Art Therapist
Salary: $30k – 80k

Athletic Trainer
Salary: $55,036

Audiologist (Doctor of Audiology)
Salary: $61k – 96k

Behavioral Science/Health Education
Salary: $33k – 86k

Biomedical and Laboratory Practice
Salary: $31k – 78k

Salary: $33k – 63k

Blood Bank Technology Specialist
Salary: $58k – 78k

Built Environment Specialist
Salary: $113,950

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist
Salary: $18k – 30k

Cardiovascular Technologist / Technician
Salary: $27k – 140k

Salary: $90,000

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Salary: $65k – 110k

Community Health Worker
Salary: $38,180

Crime Scene Investigator
Salary: $27k – 52k

Salary: $61,232

Dental Assistant
Salary: $35,640

Dental Hygienist
Salary: $55,303

Dental Informaticist
Salary: $85k – 110k

Dental Laboratory Technician
Salary: $30k – 70k

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Salary: $28k – 87k

Dietitian Nutritionist
Salary: $63,700

Emergency Medical Technician
Salary: $31,020

Environmental Health Advocate
Salary: $45k – 110k

Environmental Health Practitioner
Salary: $45k – 113k

Environmental Health Sciences
Salary: $44k – 143k

Salary: $38k – 136k

Exercise Physiologist
Salary: $30k – 73k

Food Safety Specialist
Salary: $35k – 70k

Forensic Biologist
Salary: $27k – 52k

Forensic Chemist
Salary: $27k – 52k

Forensic Odontologist
Salary: $150k – 185k

Forensic Pathologist
Salary: $105k – 500k

Forensic Toxicologist
Salary: $34k – 64k

Genetic Counselor
Salary: $91,318

Geriatric Pharmacist
Salary: $89k – 150k

Geriatric Psychiatrist
Salary: $155,000

Geriatric Staff Nurse
Salary: $57k – 73k

Salary: $160k – 200k

Global Health
Salary: $31k – 86k

Health Administrator
Salary: $50k – 170k

Health Care Interpreter
Salary: $43,000

Health Information Manager
Salary: $20k – 75k

Health Services Administration
Salary: $37k – 161k

Healthcare Documentation Specialist
Salary: $21k – 50k

Home Care Assistant/Aide
Salary: $21,829

Salary: $77,998

Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse
Salary: $31,440

Massage Therapist
Salary: $29,250

Maternal and Child Health
Salary: $33k – 63k

Medical Assistant
Salary: $30,548

Medical Coder
Salary: $45k – 65k

Medical Dosimetrist
Salary: $96k – 123k

Medical Illustrator / Animator
Salary: $62k – 85k

Medical Laboratory Scientist/Technician
Salary: $25k – 85k

Medical Librarian
Salary: $65,000

Medical Science Liaison
Salary: $169,541

Naturopathic Physician
Salary: $90,000

Neurodiagnostic Technologist
Salary: $41,260

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Salary: $65,000

Nurse Anesthetist
Salary: $157k – 214k

Nurse Educator
Salary: $75,176

Nurse Midwife
Salary: $93,610

Nurse Practitioner
Salary: $102,526

Nurse Researcher
Salary: $95,000

Nurses Aide / Assistant
Salary: $25,620

Nursing Informaticist
Salary: $100,715

Nutrition and Dietetic Technician
Salary: $30k – 63k

Occupational Health and Safety Expert
Salary: $46k – 113k

Occupational Health Nurse
Salary: $82,070

Occupational Therapist
Salary: $80,000

Occupational Therapy Aide
Salary: $29,040

Occupational Therapy Assistant
Salary: $57,260

Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician
Salary: $20k – 49k

Ophthalmic Medical Technician
Salary: $42k – 60k

Optician (Dispensing)
Salary: $38,840

Salary: $143,520

Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Salary: $35k – 80k

Orthotist and Prosthetist
Salary: $33k – 95k

Osteopathic Physician (D.O.)
Salary: $204k – 443k

Pathologists’ Assistant
Salary: $89,999

Pediatric Nurse
Salary: $52k – 88k

Salary: $65k – 135k

Pharmaceutical Scientist
Salary: $104k – 210k

Salary: $126,120

Pharmacy Technician
Salary: $30,410

Salary: $25k – 30k

Physical Therapist
Salary: $83,999

Physical Therapist Assistant
Salary: $45,000

Physician Assistant
Salary: $94,348

Salary: $190,675

Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician
Salary: $202,596

Psychiatrist – DO/MD
Salary: $150k – 300k

Salary: $38k – 76k

Salary: $25k – 58k

Public Health Nurse
Salary: $51k – 55k

Public Health Practice and Program Management
Salary: $33k – 63k

Radiologic Technologist
Salary: $62,761

Registered Nurse (RN)
Salary: $67,490

Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Salary: $68,294

Rehabilitation Counselor
Salary: $53,561

Respiratory Therapist
Salary: $62,222

Social Worker
Salary: $41k – 71k

Speech-Language Pathologist
Salary: $60k – 71k

Surgical Technologist
Salary: $44,420

Salary: $101,038

Veterinary Technologist/Technician
Salary: $25k – 27k

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