Here’s how many are really on the Giants QB?

Daniel Jones’ turnover conundrum has a real area of concern for the Giants’ first-rounder. His rookie year was full of them, but many wanted to cut him some slack. After all, rookies make mistakes. 

But 2020 was supposed to be a step in the right direction for Jones, and it’s actually been the opposite. The turnovers haven’t decreased and it’s apparent that he is regressing. In fact, he still only has one career game without a giveaway (Week 16 vs. Washington in 2019). 

Jones’ turnover total over 21 career games is at 36 (21 interceptions and 15 fumbles lost).

Still, there are people that defend Jones’ talents, saying that his teammates aren’t helping matters. Receivers aren’t coming back to the ball, or the offensive line isn’t blocking well enough. 

The only way to put that theory to rest is to break down each and every turnover that Jones has committed. And that’s exactly what we did.

Looking back at the film, we thoroughly analyzed each play to see what went wrong and whether or not Jones’ turnover was actually his fault. Let’s jump right in to his first career game in Week 1 of the 2019 season:

2019 Week 1 vs. Cowboys (Fumble, 4th quarter, 1:17 left)

Bad ball placement in his arm and Leighton Vander Esch rocked that side of his body forcing the ball out. First career game after taking over for Eli Manning. (His Fault)

2019 Week 3 vs. Bucs (Two Fumbles)

– 1st (2nd quarter, 2:20 left): Shaq Barrett strip sack. Jones pump-faked and didn’t recognize Barrett there. Easy strip sack. (His fault)

– 2nd (4th quarter, 10:33 left): Barrett again. Jones taps ball a few times but Nate Solder didn’t help with the block. He was looking to go deep but was hit from behind as he was attempting throw. (Not his fault)

2019 Week 4 vs. Redskins (Two INTs)

– 1st (2nd quarter, 8:51 left): Skins send pressure. Jones looking for Sterling Shepard toward left side of the field. Doesn’t notice zone coverage and doesn’t put too much zing on throw with defender in his face. Quinton Dunbar jumps the route. (His fault)

– 2nd (2nd quarter, 6:38 left): Dunbar gets another pick as Jones under-throws the ball to Shepard. Clean pocket and time to work with. (His fault)

2019 Week 5 (INT, 4th quarter, 3:26 left)

Golden Tate looks to run slant to middle of the field, but plants and reverses route. Tate appears to leak a little bit but Jones seems to be locked in on middle of the field and Anthony Barr reads his eyes. Makes great catch on undercut. (Null)

2019 Week 6 (three INTs vs. Patriots)

– 1st (1st quarter, 7:13 left): Clean pocket but a high throw to a tightly-covered Tate. Ball tipped up in the air and LB makes break to catch it. No other options open but it was a timing route. Gilmore just played better defense. (Null)

– 2nd (2nd quarter, 9:34 left): A brutal one. Jones runs play-action and has all the time in the world to break down the play. Nothing forms yet he allows two defenders to get up in his face. A desperation throw intended for Darius Slayton is tipped and picked off. (His fault)

– 3rd (3rd quarter, 12:18 left): Jones doesn’t read the zone coverage that Stephon Gilmore drops back into. Pass intended for Rhett Ellison finds Gilmore’s chest plate before Ellison is even there. A tad under thrown as well (His fault)

2019 Week 7 vs. Cardinals (INT, Two Fumbles)

– INT (1st quarter, 5:47 left): Good coverage and terrible read by Jones. Two defenders playing zone read his eyes and converged on the ball to Tate before he could even make a break on it. (His fault)

– 1st fumble (3rd quarter, 7:32 left): Taps the ball several times and doesn’t even feel the pressure to his right while looking left. (His fault)

– 2nd fumble (4th quarter, 2:36 left): Saquon Barkley fails to pickup the corner blitz and Jones gets destroyed on his blind side. (Not his fault)

2019 Week 8 vs. Lions (Fumble, 1st quarter, 7:39 left)

Line doesn’t pick up the delayed blitz by the LB and Jones drops back to look at Barkley right away. LB gets there first and forces Jones to throw it backwards and it’s ruled a fumble. (Not his fault)

2019 Week 9 vs. Cowboys (One INT, two fumbles)

– INT (2nd quarter, 39 seconds left): It’s a timed deep ball to Slayton for Jones here. Slayton’s route develops a little slowly but Jones doesn’t look off the safety long enough. Hesitates with the throw and safety breaks over reading it all the way. (His Fault)

– 1st fumble (3rd quarter, 7:42 left): Jones tries to run for first down and seems to wrap the ball up as he dives for the sticks. But Xavier Woods just hits him clean and the ball pops out. Tried to secure it but not good enough (His Fault)

– 2nd fumble (4th quarter, 29 seconds left): Solder beat off the edge at left tackle. Jones is looking for a deep shot at the end of the game but arm is hit mid-throw. Blocking is the culprit here. (Not his fault)

2019 Week 10 vs. Jets (Fumble, 3rd quarter, 14:23 left)

The infamous Jamal Adams play where he rips it out of Jones’ hand and takes it for a touchdown. It’s honestly just an absolute freak play by Adams to bulldoze Saquon Barkley and strip the ball right from Jones. He doesn’t even see it coming. (Not his fault)

2019 Week 12 vs. Bears (Fumble, 3rd quarter, 7:02 left)

Khalil Mack sprints off the edge and gets to Jones’ blind side knocking the ball out. But I’m giving the fault to Jones here as you watch him fail to feel the pressure in his line of sight from Leonard Floyd. He needs to step up here and make the throw instead of one that was a lot more difficult if he got it off. (His fault)

2019 Week 13 vs. Packers (Three INTs)

– 1st (2nd quarter, 14:49 left): Just a terrible read. Looking for Slayton on the hitch route but the corner is in sync with him and comes back to the ball. Don’t know how Jones doesn’t see that there. (His fault)

– 2nd (4th quarter, 11:03 left): Ball missed high and behind for Shepard. Safety was right there behind to get the mistake. (His fault)

– 3rd (4th quarter, 6:27 left): Deep shot to Slayton right off the snap, but the route was never open. And it’s not on Slayton. Tramon Williams just has good coverage. Barkley was open in the flat and could’ve had a big gain. (His fault)


2019 Week 17 vs. Eagles (INT, Fumble)

– INT (4th quarter, 3:23 left): Doesn’t help that Slayton slips coming back to the ball. It would’ve been a jump ball though as Jones tried to split the zone coverage. Not the best of choices on the throw but Slayton might have not made this an INT. (Null)

– Fumble (4th quarter, 13:11 left): Going to call a null on this. Bad snap from Jon Halapio in the rain doesn’t help. Jones drops it but picks it up. Malcolm Jenkins, though, is a free runner at Jones and causes the actual fumble (Null)

2020 Week 1 vs. Steelers (two INTs)

– 1st (2nd quarter, 12:40 left): TJ Watt makes phenomenal read and play. Evan Engram was covered pretty well so who knows what would’ve happened? It’s a quick drop and release design but Watt was right there. (Not his fault)

– 2nd (3rd quarter, 3:20 left): Killed Giants momentum for the game. Rolling left Jones becomes a little too nonchalant as Bud Dupree is hawking him. I believe he was trying to throw it out of the back of the end zone, but the play was dead seconds before that. He waited too long and Dupree hits him and the ball is picked. (His Fault)

2020 Week 2 vs. Bears (INT, Fumble)

– INT (2nd quarter, 12:57 left): Engram slips here while breaking in his route and Jones releases the ball anyway. Watching the film, you can see Jones is waiting for that break but even with him slipping he doesn’t pump fake and throws it. (Null)

– Fumble (1st quarter, 6:20 left): Jones pump fakes twice and the ball comes loose. Andrew Thomas had a horrible block on his edge rusher but Jones can’t pump fake twice in the pocket and not move. (His fault)

2020 Week 3 vs. 49ers (INT, Fumble)

– Fumble (1st quarter, 6:30 left): This one is on Engram. Jones may have pitched it a little behind him but he has to catch that ball. (Not his fault)

– INT (2nd quarter, 1:03 left): Jones is staring down Engram hard here, so it’s easy for Fred Warner to undercut and take the ball away. (His fault)

2020 Week 4 vs. Rams (INT, 4th quarter, 1:08 left)

Just a bad decision again from Jones. Clean pocket and had tons of running room to pick up a first down. Instead, threw off-balance to a covered receiver. Ended the game with that throw. (His Fault)

2020 Week 5 vs. Cowboys (Fumble, 2nd quarter, 5:05 left)

This is on Thomas. Rusher beats him terribly off the edge and Jones doesn’t see what’s coming. If there’s any critique, the ball is too low as he’s surveying the field. But he was helpless on this one. (Not his fault)

2020 Week 6 vs. Football Team (INT, 3rd quarter, 0:58 left )

Don’t think Jones was trying to throw this out of the end zone, but rather to Slayton going to the back left pylon. Thomas doesn’t pick up extra man off edge and that gets to Jones. Overall, Jones needs to take the sack here on 1st and goal. Instead, forces a ball up and it’s picked in a close game. (His fault)

2020 Week 7 vs. Eagles (INT, Fumble)

– INT (2nd quarter, 10:10 left): Jones throws a dart to Engram on a quick slant, and Engram can’t handle it. Did it need to be thrown that fast? Probably not. But Engram needs to snag that. (Not his fault)

– Fumble (4th quarter, 23 seconds left): Doesn’t see Brandon Graham coming, but totally Jones’ fault. Ball is too low again, and after stepping up, he doesn’t keep going away from the pressure. He just sits waiting for someone to get open. (His fault)

2020 Week 8 vs. Bucs (Two INTs)

– 1st (3rd quarter, 14:37 left): Here’s why this is Jones’ fault. Pocket was very clean but had his mind set on Shepard on the right side. But Slayton was wide open down the left sideline and a quick progression change would’ve shown that to Jones. But he forced the ball to Shepard. (His fault)

– 2nd (4th quarter, 12:16 left): Jones needs to throw the ball away here. Giants were in great field position to further lead. Pressure gets to Jones and almost sacks him but he stays up and tries throwing the ball to his receiver. Terrible choice. (His fault)

So what do we learn through all of this examination? We see that 22 of Jones’ 36 turnovers were of his own poor decision-making or lack of fundamentals. 

There were a few that he can’t shoulder the blame for (nine) and others that could go both ways (five), but mostly Jones is hurting the team himself in his giveaways. 

That’s why his status as the Giants’ franchise quarterback isn’t solidified at the moment. 

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