How Oklahoma State safety Tre Sterling’s love for graphic design complements his football career

“It’s a different talent, but in a way, it’s the same,” Suzana said. “It’s a new generation talent.”

Along with designing graphics, Tre can edit sports videos, a skill that has allowed him to simultaneously promote his talents in digital media and football. In high school, when he was an under-the-radar recruit, he put together his own highlight reels and shared them with coaches to get noticed.

He didn’t do it for only himself, though.

Sterling produced highlight tapes for his Sunnyvale teammates, and his acts of kindness for friends have continued in Stillwater. He has assembled graphics that feature football players and other athletes such as wrestler Boo Lewallen, and an OSU Athletics video about Sterling includes an image of the album cover he created for defensive back Kanion Williams, who makes rap music.

Whenever fellow Cowboys have design requests, Sterling is willing to work.

“I obviously don’t charge anything for it just because it’s a hobby of mine, and it’s practice,” Sterling said. “When they ask me for one, it just gives me another opportunity just to perfect my craft, which is Photoshop and digital media and stuff, so I’m always excited when they come up to me and ask me to do stuff like that.”

Sterling’s technology-based art gives him not only a diversion from the daily grind of college football, but also a foundation for a career. After initially choosing to study construction management technology, Sterling changed his major to marketing, and he said he intends to work in advertising and promotion, fields that often involve graphic design.

“I just love seeing him grow and just seeing him do what he loves to do,” Suzana said. “How great of a life, you can do what you want to do and love what you do?”

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