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The hygiene industry’s response to this challenge has been to expand career resources –events like career panels for exploration, workshops and webinars around career options, and/or unsolicited guidance and free advice on social media groups.

The struggle with this is that, when either voluntary or involuntary factors influence a dental hygienists career path and cause them to move away or supplement the clinical realm with nonclinical domains, many career seekers do not know where to turn to find solutions or to develop the additional knowledge, skills or abilities that will prepare them for additional career choices.

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“We are committed, through this series, to providing the necessary knowledge and expertise to enable young Qataris to select their chosen career paths.

The workshop featured quizzes and presentations to help participants choose the right professional field, including an introduction into the concept of career planning, as well as helping them identify and align their most valuable qualities to achieve their professional aspirations and dreams.

Career development helps individuals clarify what they are interested in and pursue it in a career.

This stage focuses on students’ “insides,” and is the root of their career growth, in that it helps them become aware of their values, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the value of work.

According to organizational support theory (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, & Sowa, 1986), organizations that provide employees with career counseling help them solve career-related problems and achieve career success.

We also examined the moderating effect that individual career management has on the relationship of career competencies and career success, by drawing on self-regulation theory (Raabe, Frese, & Beehr, 2007).

Raza Abbas, CEO of Pathway Global Career Institute, in Pakistan, has been awarded the National Career Development Association (NCDA) International Practitioner of the Year Award at the Annual Global Career Development Conference held last month in Houston, TX.
According to Lent, Brown, and Hackett (1994), exposure to new experiences plays a significant role because it is the first stage to boost the career development process.
reviewing the history of New Zealand career services, discussing theoretical influences over
There is empirical evidence that supports the relationship of career commitment with career satisfaction and career success.
Coherent career practice recognizes four interrelated elements: career literacy, career gumption, career context, and career integrity.

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