Netflix Documentary ‘Rising Phoenix’ Creators Launch Prince Harry-Backed Education Guide


  • “Rising Pheonix” creators have launched an educational program revolving around disability
  • The project is backed by Prince Harry, who believes the program has a lot of lessons to teach
  • “Rising Phoenix” currently holds a score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

The creators of Netflix’s documentary “Rising Phoenix” have launched an education guide to make students aware that the Paralympics is one of the ways to raise visibility for people with disabilities. 

“Rising Pheonix,” which tells the story of inspiring para-athletes who defied the odds to become some of the most successful athletes of all time, introduced the program for teachers to dig deeper into the subject matter in their classrooms. 

The educational program is backed by Prince Harry, who founded the Invictus Games for wounded members of the military and veterans. Speaking about the program, the Duke of Sussex said he is “really excited” about the new education site and program that features lessons that could change someone’s life. 

“It (‘Rising Phoenix’) is a story that continues with people like Bebe Vio, who lost her limbs to meningitis, and went on to win a fencing Gold medal at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016. In the documentary, Bebe says, ‘Everything is impossible at the beginning, you just have to try.’ This is a message that needs to be heard,” Harry said in a video to promote the educational program. 

“Rising Pheonix,” which was released in August, focused on eight athletes from around the world who have competed in the Paralympic Games. Bebe Vio (Italy), Ellie Cole (Australia), Jean-Baptiste Alaize (France), Matt Stutzman (U.S.), Jonnie Peacock (U.K.), Cui Zhe (China), Ryley Batt (Australia), Ntando Mahlangu (South Africa) and Tatyana McFadden (U.S.) are the athletes who are featured in the film. 

McFadden, winner of 17 Paralympic medals, lauded the efforts of the makers to change perceptions of disability and said the world needs more education and discussion revolving around the subject. 

“Happy #IDPD2020 proud to be disabled but this is something that has taken time to accept. We need more education &discussion around disability. #RisingPhoenix Paralympics documentary has launched an educational guide to help teachers explore changing perceptions of disability,” McFadden wrote.

The project is one of the highest-acclaimed documentaries of 2020 and was nominated at the Critics’ Choice Documentary Awards earlier this year. 

The Guardian, in its review, wrote that the documentary is a “stirring salute” to the heroes of the Paralympic Games, while Common Sense Media praised the documentary for its “inspired storytelling.” 

“Rising Phoenix” currently holds a score of 90% on review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Tatyana McFadden Tatyana McFadden, winner of 17 Paralympic medals and one of the stars of “Rising Phoenix,” in a scene from the movie. Photo: Photo by Netfli/Netflix US, Twitter/HTYT Stories

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