Oberlin College and Conservatory

Video Description: Oberlin Scenes

This silent video makes quick cuts, with each of the following segments lasting 2 or 3 seconds.

From an aerial view, the Oberlin campus comes into focus, followed by: 

  1. A dancer stretches in a dance studio.
  2. A conductor leads an orchestra, viewed from behind and above the musicians.
  3. A baseball player fields ground balls during practice.
  4. A bicyclist pedals along a path toward Memorial Arch.
  5. A professor teaches in a classroom.
  6. A trombonist rehearses.
  7. A swimmer performs the butterfly stroke.
  8. A silhouetted person approaches the curved wall outside Hall Auditorium at night.
  9. Several groups of students work in a science lab.
  10. A student is animated while explaining the artwork behind her.
  11. An athlete runs past a building on a cold morning.
  12. The strings of a double bass vibrate as they are played by a jazz musician.
  13. A student explains an idea.
  14. A pianist practices on a Steinway grand piano.
  15. In a museum gallery, a group of students gazes at a painting.
  16. A singer and piano accompanist rehearse in a sunny room.
  17. A student in class holds a pen while speaking.
  18. Holding a boom microphone, a student makes a recording.
  19. A student cook prepares fresh vegetables.

The video then loops back to the beginning.

Aerial view of brick buildings and green quads

College of Arts and Sciences

The Oberlin ethos encourages cross-discipline exploration that breaks down boundaries and allows students to find—or create—their own paths. See where your path might lead.

Conservatory of Music

Music is in Oberlin’s DNA. We are the only major music school in America that focuses almost exclusively on undergraduate education. Our programs, classes, and performance opportunities create an ideal environment for developing the complete musician. 

Experience Oberlin, Virtually

We have suspended all admission-related campus visits and admitted student events until May 1 due to COVID-19 and the emphasis on the safety of our community. While we are unable to welcome you to campus, we hope that you will engage with us through our virtual information sessions, virtual tour, and more.

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Hopefully you can implement some of these practices into your socially distanced life.


Adjustment is a part of life.


Things I Miss About Oberlin

March 23, 2020

I found myself as a person at Oberlin, and I am so grateful for the friends that I have made along the way. 

Get started

“Oberlin kinda lets you naturally find your passion. Once you figure it out, there are tons of resources. When I was looking for industry positions, I reached out to six or seven alums, and they all got back to me and gave me referrals to the companies they worked for. Oberlin’s alumni network is really great. Everyone wants you to succeed.”

Matt Banda ’19

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