Office of Science and Technology

We advocate and ensure sound scientific basis for NOAA Fisheries science programs and resource conservation and management decisions. We closely coordinate with six NOAA Fisheries science centers: Alaska, Northeast, Northwest, Pacific Islands, Southeast, and Southwest.

Fisheries Statistics

We collect data and coordinate information and research programs to support the science-based stewardship of the nation’s living marine resources. In addition to integrating and disseminating state and federal statistics about marine fisheries, we administer the surveys used to estimate recreational landings.

Learn more about our programs and find key data for commercial fisheries landings, foreign trade, marine recreational fisheries catch and effort.

Assessment & Monitoring

We support at-sea resource surveys, stock assessments, protected resource science and the seabird program, fisheries observer programs, cooperative research, and the independent peer review of NOAA Fisheries science products and programs. In addition, we develop policies, procedures, and budget initiatives to ensure that these activities are high quality, cost effective, productive, and fully supported.

Economics & Social Analysis

We conduct and coordinate socioeconomic research and data collection undertaken by the agency to support conservation and management of living marine resources.    

Marine Ecosystems

We support the development and coordination of science programs including habitat to advance the incorporation of ecosystem information into living marine resource management.

Program Reviews

We continually strive to advance the science that informs fisheries and protected resources management. As part of our ongoing improvement efforts, we conduct a systematic peer review process at our regional science centers and national Office of Science and Technology to improve integration, identify best practices, and share successes and challenges within our science enterprise. 

Mission Support

We provide mission support by maintaining and improving the quality and credibility of NOAA Fisheries’ scientific activities. We also provide application management and development to support timely access to NOAA Fisheries data resources. 

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