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Lincoln Riley is continuing to keep his players vigilant about COVID

OU football coach Lincoln Riley is keeping his program vigilant about COVID issues.

Lincoln Riley and his football team have noticed the multiple games being postponed or canceled due to COVID.

Wisconsin, for example, has had an outbreak that’s canceled two contests of the Big 10 season.

Does Riley remain concerned about the pandemic entering his football program?

“It’s all over the country,” Riley said during a Thursday meeting via Zoom. “There are all these games getting canceled, moved, all these guys not playing, coaches not being able to coach and there’s been a number of games that have been right on the threshold of it that have been played. Our first game (against Missouri State) is a great example of it. There are constant reminders all over the place.”

OU’s season opener was in jeopardy because of multiple players having tested positive or due to contact tracing.

Is Riley worried about previous players who have tested positive for COVID, especially those with at least 90 days elapsing since an initial diagnosis?

“It’s a concern. We educate our guys on when that threshold is getting close and then the one thing for us too is we don’t have a different set of rules (for those) that have had COVID,” Riley said. “If you’re in this facility around this football team, a part of this program, then all the rules apply to you, whether you’ve had COVID or not. That has helped, I think, because then it’s not like you live by one set of rules and after you get back out the 90-day window, then you go back under the different guidelines that we have.

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