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a job and work. In fact, many companies out there do not consider a person from how high his GPA is, but whether or not

he is qualified enough to do the job that he applies. Therefore, students should really learn what is important in connection

with what qualification they should have after graduation to get a job.

Instead of memorizing the material before exams, the students should try to notice and understand every material

that they learn because in the future they may need that information. Say, they get the highest rank when they graduate.

If they just worked hard to achieve it, and did not really learn, they may get lost after leaving the institution because there

are likely no companies that will accept them to work there, only based on their ranks. Your high GPA means nothing

when you do not have the skill. Hence, the students have to have the skills that are necessary to get the job.

When students of English literature graduate from the university, they may apply for some jobs that are in relation

with their major. They have to know that in order to get the job, they must be able to speak English well. No matter how

high their knowledge about English is, or how high their GPAs are, there are only the students who are capable to speak

English well who will likely be accepted to get the job. So, we have to know what really matters and do it so well, that we

will not regret in the future and get a good job.

Speaking is the most important aspect of a language. If we cannot speak in English, we cannot communicate with

the native speaker directly. People may consider that it is useless to have a major in English literature and learn many

theories about English, yet we do not speak English well. One thing that differentiates the students of English literature

from those of other majors is the capability to speak English well.

There are some aspects of education that should be improved. Most people start going to preschool,

like kindergarten or playgroup to get their first education. The pupils are introduced to the education with the intention of

making them interested to study before they go to the elementary school.

Although it is not a must to go to a preschool, it is necessary for the children between the age of 2 and 5 to go

there. The parents send their children to the preschool so that their children can learn what is necessary to have when they

study at elementary school. When they go to the first level of elementary school, they are faced with some lessons that if

they do not have any prior knowledge about it, they will find it difficult to understand the lesson. Sometimes, the teachers

of elementary school do not teach their students how to memorize the alphabet, how to read, and how to learn about

numbers. On the contrary, the teachers just continue the lessons from high school, like counting numbers. So they have to

learn it before they go to elementary school, because they have to be able to read in order to understand the lesson.

While they accomplish grade by grade, they are asked to learn and master many subjects. From the elementary

school until senior high school, the students are not offered to choose their major specifically based on their interest.

And after they graduate from senior high school, they may choose their major that they are interested in. Such a system of

education is not effective and wasting time. They learn many subjects which they are actually not interested in. However,

they still have to learn them all in order to be able to get through the higher grade. In fact, they do not really learn and

master the subjects well, even though they get high scores on the subjects. They waste their time by studying subjects that

they do not like. For example, they are actually interested in learning English, but in school they also have to learn Physics,

Biology, History, etc. Therefore they do not really concentrate on the subjects.

It will be much more effective if the students if the students are directed to the field which they like. The students

should be given an opportunity to choose their own major based on their passion. And, the parents should encourage their

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