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funky science story hour 2

PSI Senior Scientist David Grinspoon is offering kids stuck at home and unable to attend school due to COVID-19 a weekly chance to learn about science – while having fun. 

Grinspoon, also known as Doctor FunkySpoon, is offering his Funky Science Story Hour live on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. on Grinspoon’s Facebook page at  For more information on Funky Science Story Hour visit 

The Science Hour, designed for cool kids and immature parents, allows participants to pose questions ahead of time that Grinspoon answers. 

Participants can ask Grinspoon anything about science, and some of the queries have been very interesting. 

“Kids ask the best questions, and over time I try to show how all the answers are connected,” Grinspoon said. “On the first episode one kid asked why the sky is blue, so I riffed a little about the nature of light, and how the air is made up of molecules, and the blue light, because it has a shorter wavelength, gets bounced around more by the molecules than the longer wavelength red waves.  Then, in response to a later question ‘What’s it like on Venus?’ I was able to refer back to those concepts in explaining why the light at the surface of Venus is red, and why it’s so hot there. I try to introduce certain core concepts and then refer back to them, both to show all the cool connections and to reinforce learning through some repetition.  And all the while I try to keep it light and fun and playful. And I break it up a few times every hour with musical interludes.  I know some adults are watching and enjoying as well, which is fine with me, but I try to make sure to keep it accessible and entertaining for kids 6 and older.” 

Visit  for archived editions of the Funky Science Story Hour.

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