Princeton Student Sues University For Spring Tuition Refund

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, NJ – A Princeton University student is suing the university, arguing he was unfairly charged full tuition for a virtual spring 2020 semester.

Reid Zlotky filed a class action lawsuit in federal court on behalf of all students on Nov. 19. The suit argues that students should not have been charged full tuition of $25,935, after being sent home in March.

Princeton University, like other institutions, switched to virtual leaning in March due to coronavirus concerns.

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“Princeton has used the current COVID-19 shutdown circumstances to excuse its duty to perform fully the obligations of its bargain with its students, Princeton continues to demand that all students perform their contractual bargain to pay all tuition and fees for the Spring 2020 term,” Zlotky alleged in his lawsuit.

University spokesperson Ayana Gibbs told Patch the institution is aware of the lawsuit. “The University believes that the lawsuit is misguided and without merit, and we plan to mount a vigorous defense,” she said.

Gibbs said that Princeton transitioned to virtual learning in accordance with Gov. Phil Murphy’s orders, and to keep students and the community safe.

“The transition enabled our students to continue learning and complete the spring semester safely,” she said.

In his lawsuit, Zlotky acknowledges that Princeton’s decision was in accordance with state mandates, but argues that students were not provided with the facilities that were agreed upon in the tuition contract.

“These fees and tuition costs easily amount to thousands of dollars per student,” the lawsuit alleges.

“The indefensible breach is saddling wholly innocent students with mounting debt as a result of having to pay tuition and fees for services they are not receiving and facilities and services that are not being provided,” Zlotky alleged in his complain.

Gibbs said the “University worked tirelessly and invested significant resources to sustain the quality of instruction our students deserve and expect.”

“In addition, Princeton refunded room and board and residential college fee charges for the remainder of the semester for students who left campus in March,” she said.

Zlotky’s complaint is the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against higher education institutions over tuition payments during the pandemic.

All eight Ivy Leagues universities have a tuition reimbursement lawsuit filed against them.

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