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Lenore Matthew

Lenore Matthew, Class of 2017

““I entered the field of social work after working for several years as a practitioner and researcher in international development. I knew I wanted to pursue a doctoral program that focused on applied research, and that enabled my continued work abroad.  Since day one in the social work program, I have felt completely supported by” See full story


Katie Sidwell, iMSW Student, Class of 2019

““I decided to attend the School of Social Work because of the flexibility and course delivery of the program. As a student who was working in the field already, one of the biggest concerns about continuing school and furthering my education was the flexibility and location/course delivery of the program. After doing research on many” See full story

Donzell Lampkins

Donzell Lampkins, MSW Student, Health Care Concentration, Class of 2016

““When I decided to pursue a Master of Social Work, I knew there was only one choice: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! Throughout the application process, I had so many questions and concerns, yet Illinois never grew frustrated. I felt genuinely cared for by the faculty and staff who proved themselves to be very” See full story

Jason Davis

Jason Davis, Mental Health Concentration, Class of 2017

““The reason I chose the MSW program is because I was looking for an experience that would give me valuable skills that I could implement to make a difference within our youth by catering to their mental health and behavioral needs. If you are looking for a master’s program that teaches you advance techniques and” See full story


Kaitlin Costello, MSW Student, Class of 2015

“I chose social work as a career path because it fit right in with my own values and beliefs about activism and the importance of social justice. I am interested in helping individuals, as well as communities, ” See full story

Tina Turner

Tina Turner, School Social Work Concentration, Class of 2017

““Truthfully, as a veteran and resident of Illinois, I was confined to Illinois for graduate school since I have a veteran’s grant from the state that pays my tuition. U of I was my first choice, not only because of its prestigious history and well recognized reputation, but I got such a good “vibe” from” See full story


Jacob Goffnett, MSW Student, Class of 2014

“I interviewed and toured at other Schools of Social Work and they felt rigid. Here, I truly believe that each faculty and staff have my best interest in mind. ” See full story

Jill Bachman, iMSW Student, Class of 2019

““The iMSW program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was the best choice by far! My journey to research where I would obtain my MSW began with encouragement from my current supervisor at the agency I have been employed with for almost 15 years. When asking others where they thought the best educational experience would” See full story

Kaitlin Block, BSW Student

“People have asked me, “What does social work have to do with the coroner’s office?” which is something I asked myself before beginning my placement. I knew that I would be doing crisis intervention and also work with grieving families, but wondered what else I would do in my newfound role. Throughout the course of” See full story

“I am a 2013 MSW graduate from the School of Social Work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and received my BA in Social Work from California State University, Fresno in 2011. To say that I was born and raised in California is an understatement of my” See full story

Lance Keene_image

“The MSW program laid a firm f
oundation for me in social work practice at the micro and macro level. I feel equally prepared working one-on-one with individuals and in the grant writing process” See full story


Brianna Malin, Class of 2016

““I had always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up because I wanted to make an impact in others’ lives. When I started college, I soon realized that my life dream to help young people would take on new directions. As I began to take classes at University of Illinois, a new path” See full story


Samantha Hack, MSW ’06, PhD ’13

“As a student at the School of Social Work I had invaluable faculty mentorship combined with experiential learning opportunities. I worked on research funded by the National Institute for Mental Health, ” See full story


“I was raised by low income, working-class people in Chicago, Illinois. I didn’t have the best of things but I was very content with what we had. I’m a product of the Chicago public school system; one of the worst schools in the country in the mid 1980’s. Our books were outdated; there were no” See full story

image of ashti dawson

Ashti Dawson, MSW Student

“What led you to the field of social work? My journey to the field of social work has been a long and interesting one and has come full circle in a way. For most of my youth I was in foster care and growing up I had considered being a social worker for a brief” See full story

Natonja Wells_image

Natonja Wells, MSW Student

“Q: Describe your duties as an Academic Coach for the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics. A: I provide academic support to student-athletes across all sports who are at-risk or have diagnosed learning disabilities/ADHD. Academic support includes working with student-athletes in areas such as study strategies, time management, organization, navigating the writing process, assignment completion, and generalized” See full story


““I chose to attend the School of Social Work for several reasons. Perhaps the strongest and most influential factor in my decision was familiarity. I had already attended Illinois for my BSW and it was my home, my comfort zone. By attending the University of Illinois I knew I was getting the highest quality education,” See full story

Laura Butts

Laura Butts, MSW Student, Mental Health Concentration, Class of 2015

““The MSW program prepared me for field practicum by allowing me to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. The professors in the program genuinely want the students to succeed; they promote both personal and professional growth throughout the coursework. For example, I was able to apply my interests in both criminal justice and” See full story

Eric Powell, Mental Health Concentration, Class of 2015

““As a part-time MSW student who was working full-time, I knew that I would face a number of unique challenges and obstacles. I was worried that I may not receive the same attention or care because I was not as visible or present as the full-time students. However, my fears quickly subsided as I began” See full story

“As an intern, Amber’s role was to administer assessments with newly admitted residents while she maintained a therapy caseload of residents. “Over the summer, I became very good at dev
eloping and maintaining therapeutic rapport with residents in a respectful and clinical manner.” Using her engagement skills, along with gathering other relevant information, Amber was able” See full story


Teresa Allen, MSW Student, Class of 2014

“I decided to pursue my MSW degree at the University of Illinois School of Social Work before I was even accepted as an undergraduate student at the University. ” See full story

Nia Montoute_image

Nia Montoute, BSW Graduate, United States Army Reservist

“What lead you to choose the University of Illinois for your BSW? First semester of my freshman year of college, I attended a small private college in Wisconsin.  Second semester, I was able to take time off (thanks to high school AP courses) to go to Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training for the” See full story

“I have always had a passion for people. I knew that, one day, I wanted to work in a position where I could help empower others, propelling them to fully discover their worth and live out their purpose. Upon my senior year of high school, I discovered the ongoing devastation known as human trafficking. And” See full story

““I chose The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for a couple of reasons. One, Illinois is the premier university that not only employers see as an major asset in employees, but also has the absolute best professors that care about their students’ successes. The staff at the School of Social Work from advising to internship” See full story

Caroline Quintanilla

Caroline Quintanilla, BSW Student, Class of 2016

““What really drew me to the BSW program, particularly at the University of Illinois, is the network of support. My experience at the U of I has been so positive, and I can only attribute that to the enriching experience that is the BSW program; my professors whose sole concerns are not just grades, but” See full story

heather sears_image

Heather Sears, Mental Health Concentration, Class of 2015

““I grew so much during my time in the BSW and MSW programs, and had some amazing support and opportunities. I felt truly invested in as a student, and that’s why I decided to stay to finish my education. I received encouragement in all of my endeavors, and knew that I could go to anyone” See full story

“I chose social work as my career path simply because it teaches me how to selflessly serve. The training I receive in my classes and through my professors challenge me to look beyond my comfort zones and to be prepared in the most efficient and effective way for when I enter the international social work” See full story


Valerie Cintron, MA, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Asst. Professor

““I love how the iMSW program allows students to be in charge of their learning experience. It strengthens the ability to create a balance between work, life, and education by allowing you to learn at your own pace. My favorite part of online teaching is observing students having their “aha! moments”; meaning, they are putting” See full story

Carlos A. Evans Jr., MSW ’12

““The relationships that I built at U of I with the students and staff have been maintained now for over three years. I think that facts speak to their investment in their students and their genuineness. I was recruited to the Illinois Association of School Social Workers by one of my former professors and then” See full story

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