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Pygmy goats at locked down London Zoo are being given extra attention from keepers after they realised the animals were missing being petted by visitors.

The goats are used to interacting with guests in the children’s section of the zoo, and have been waiting at the gate every morning anticipating the arrival of a stream of people.

But, because the zoo is currently closed to visitors during the coronavirus pandemic, no guests are arriving and their ears were being left unscratched.

Senior keeper Tara Humphrey said: “We’ve all been taking it in turns to regularly visit the zoo’s pygmy goats at our children’s zoo, Animal Adventure, to give them some extra attention.

“They’ve been waiting patiently at the gate every day for their usual ear scratches from visitors so we’re doing our bit to make it up to them.”

While the zoo is closed to visitors, 50 keepers – around half the total keeper staff – are on site every day to ensure all the animals are well looked after.

“The Asiatic lions, for example, are lazing in the spring sunshine and seem more focused on rolling around in the scent and spice trails keepers have been laying down,” Ms Humphrey said.

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