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Science in Your Watershed


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Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey’s “Science
in Your Watershed”
Web site. The purpose of this site is to
help you find scientific information organized on a watershed basis.
This information, coupled with observations and measurements made by the
watershed groups, provides a powerful foundation for characterizing, assessing, analyzing, and maintaining the status and health of a watershed.

Discussions with watershed groups across the country resulted
in this web site. This web site provides access to:

  • Locate Your Watershed – use the mapping interface to locate your
    watershed and link to additional information from your watershed.
  • Information Discovery -
    find projects, publications, and databases related to your watershed.
  • Data Integration -
    learn more about how you can use scientific data to understand your watershed.

This web site provides a decision-support process by making
accessible recent case studies of projects that have occurred,
publications that have been produced, developing databases, information assembled, and provides access to
free and nearly free software and tools for manipulating spatial information.

The menu column on the left serves as your guide to this site.

[Gateways to watershed information]The Watershed Information Network symbol – the green triangular symbol located to the right and in the menu column on the left, is a clickable image, which will allow you to access additional watershed information from
the corresponding “Know,” “Surf” or “Science” websites (watch for this symbol).

  • Know Your Watershed
    is maintained by the Conservation Technology Information Center. It focuses on
    a registry of watershed partnerships working to meet local goals.

  • Surf Your Watershed is maintained by the
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It provides a service to help you
    locate, use, and share environmental information about your place.

  • Science in Your Watershed (this site) is maintained by
    the U.S. Geological Survey. It’s focus is on bringing you USGS scientific information,
    such as real-time streamflow, water quality samples, ground water sites and additional hydrologic science information, organized by the 8-digit HUC or watershed.

Though each site is responsible for its own content, they are linked together
through the unique Hydrologic
Unit Code
for each watershed.

As you click on the USGS map interface to locate your watershed – an “Additional Information
for Your Watershed
” link will appear below every 8-digit HUC map allowing accessing to more USGS data and information specifically for
that watershed or you can click on the “Watershed Information Network” green triangle symbol link
below the 8-digit HUC map to access HUC related watershed information for that watershed from “Surf Your Watershed” and “Know Your Watershed”.

Use the clickable map to Locate your Watershed or access it from the green menu column in the upper left of this page.

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