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  • NASA

    How to Survive Pandemic Reentry

    Astronauts have given us some useful tips for surviving isolation, but we’ll need more to weather a pandemic.

  • A Disturbing Look Inside an Italian Hospital

    “Seeing people one step away from dying kills a little part of you.”

  • Paul Campbell / Getty / The Atlantic

    America’s Hospitals Have Never Experienced Anything Like This

    If they run out of space, where will all the sick people go?

  • Jia Sung / High Country News

    An Endless Fight Between Snowmobilers and Wolverines

    Conservationists want to protect an elusive animal’s habitat. Snowmobilers want to preserve a cherished pastime.

  • Nick Fox / Shutterstock

    Why a Tiny Colorado County Can Offer COVID-19 Tests to Every Resident

    There are advantages to having biotech executives as neighbors.

  • A Fleeting Moment in the Solar System

    Earth has lost its mini-moon.

  • emarys / Getty

    Why the Coronavirus Has Been So Successful

    We’ve known about SARS-CoV-2 for only three months, but scientists can make some educated guesses about where it came from and why it’s behaving in such an extreme way.

  • Richard Ross / Getty

    What It Really Means to Cancel Elective Surgeries

    To make room for coronavirus patients, hospitals are delaying procedures that would make major differences in people’s lives.

  • Sergiy Barchuk

    Is There Still a Good Case for Water Fluoridation?

    It’s a 75-year-old technology. Maybe we should rethink it.

  • Alex Merto

    The Perks of Being a Weirdo

    How not fitting in can lead to creative thinking

  • The Atlantic

    The U.K.’s Coronavirus ‘Herd Immunity’ Debacle

    The country is not aiming for 60 percent of the populace to get COVID-19, but you’d be forgiven for thinking so based on how badly the actual plan has been explained.

  • Zoë van Dijk / Quanta Magazine

    An Unexpected Ally in the War With Bacteria

    Scientists have struggled to develop new antibiotics. Enter: the machines.

  • Ace03 / Shutterstock / The Atlantic

    Social Distancing Could Change Our Relationship With FaceTime

    As public-health experts urge Americans to stay away from one another, video tech seems poised to take on a new cultural significance.

  • Lindsey Wasson/Reuters

    America Isn’t Testing for the Most Alarming Coronavirus Cases

    In many states, testing rules are so strict that doctors may not notice a community outbreak until it’s too late.

  • The Great Giraffe Illusion

    Giraffes may be omnipresent in popular culture, but they’re disappearing in real life.

  • Davis Huber

    The Last Giraffes on Earth

    The planet’s tallest animal is in far greater danger than people might think.

  • NASA

    A Solar System of Fire and Ice

    Earth was once the only world known to have volcanoes, but they’re all over the place, spouting lava and icy plumes.

  • Sarah Gilman

    What It Means to See a Cougar

    One brief encounter with a big cat motivated a search for others.

  • H. Armstrong Roberts / ClassicStock / Getty

    The Small Stresses of Keeping Coronavirus-Free

    Why is it so, so hard to stop touching your face?

  • Zoe van Djik

    Nuclear Tests Marked Life on Earth With a Radioactive Spike

    Even as it disappears, the “bomb spike” is revealing the ways humans have reshaped the planet.

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