Sinhala Studies Department established at Yunnan University

A Sinhala Language Studies Department has been established at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Yunnan University, China.

Yunnan University, founded in 1923, is also on China’s list of top national universities.

Its Faculty of Foreign Languages currently teaches a number of European, Asian and African languages, and offers

postgraduate opportunities in a number of languages, including English, French and Japanese.

Around 25 students have been admitted to Yunnan University to learn Sinhala as a major subject in the admission process for the university this year.

Sugath Ratnayake is the first Sri Lankan Lecturer to work at the University. Sugath Ratnayake holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters Degree from the University of Kelaniya and has been working as an Instructor for the Sinhala Service of China International Radio in Beijing for the past four years.

Three Chinese lecturers who have graduated in Sinhala from the Beijing University of Foreign Studies are also engaged in teaching Sinhala at the University.

Sinhala is currently taught as a major language in several Chinese universities. Apart from Yunnan University, the University of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chongqing Normal University and Minzu University are among them.

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