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Updates on Coronavirus

Ongoing updates from SMU to help navigate learning, teaching and working during this challenging time. Read more here.

Pivoting to stay in touch spiritually

From mastering online learning to delivering conference-call sermons, Perkins School faculty, staff and students are embracing technology to stay spiritually connected while physically apart.

Reassuring kids during COVID-19

The disruption of daily routines is tough on families, especially children. SMU’s counseling program offers advice for helping your kids feel safe during this uncertain time.

Avoid turning home into ‘Camp Chaos’

First, take a deep breath. Next, try to approach sheltering at home with a sense of challenge, even adventure, says SMU psychologist George Holden. Check out his pointers for using this time to grow closer as a family.

Understanding our viral adversary

It’s small and sneaky, turning its hosts into virus-spreading machines. Find out more from an SMU virologist’s answers to five big questions about the coronavirus.

“At SMU, I learned how to bring people together. I also learned how to juggle classes, work, activities, community service and family. These experiences prepared me well for the world of consulting.”

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