Swanson School of Engineering – University of Pittsburgh

  • Heng Huang Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

  • Douglas J. Weber Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite

  • Thanks for Tuning In: Swanson School Students Present Virtual Dissertation Defenses

    Pitt engineering graduate students adapt to current work environments and successfully defend dissertations remotely

  • Pitt Engineering Labs Donate Supplies to Help UPMC Battle COVID-19

  • Ameya Nanivadekar Selected for NIH Outstanding Scholar in Neuroscience Award Program

  • Mimicking Cancer to Avoid Transplant Rejection

    ChemE’s Steven Little and Medicine’s James Fisher develop microparticles that promote immune tolerance to grafts

  • Four Members of the Swanson School are Recognized by the Carnegie Science Awards

  • DARPA Awards $22 Million to Create ‘Smart’ Device for Healing Large Muscle Wounds

    Bioengineering secondary faculty member Stephen Badylak will lead the grant with collaborations from Bryan Brown and Douglas Weber

  • Learn more about Pitt’s planning and response to COVID-19

  • Pitt bioengineer finds support for female pelvic floor research

    A 2019 paper from Steven Abramowitch is recognized by the Journal of Biomechanical Engineering for exemplifying high quality and significant work

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