LIQUN LUO has received an Award for Education in Neuroscience in recognition of his “outstanding contributions” to education and training in the field.

Liqun Luo

Liqun Luo

Luo shares this year’s award, which is presented by the Society for Neuroscience, with Yves De Koninck of Canada’s Université Laval.

For the last 22 years, Luo has been the driving force behind the popular Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology course for both undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford.

While maintaining his teaching and research responsibilities, Luo has also devoted several years to developing a textbook for undergraduate neuroscience education, titled “Principles of Neurobiology.” The textbook’s first edition, which published in 2015, received outstanding reviews and is listed as the textbook for 150 courses taught by major universities worldwide.

“This education award means a lot to me,” said Luo, who is the Ann and Bill Swindells Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences. “I am